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15 top-quality gifts for baking lovers

Are you lucky enough to have a loved one who’s baking obsessed? Supporting their passion will pay delicious dividends in the long run… so why not give the gift of quality equipment?

19 long-lasting gifts under £50

There’s something really satisfying about giving someone a gift you know they’ll have forever. But quality products tend to require a little investment. Fortunately, this is a list of best gifts under £50.

11 long-lasting gifts for the perfect host

Hosting is an art. A memorable dinner party doesn’t appear out of thin air - people who love to host put a lot of preparation into making things perfect.

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Practical gifts for practical people

Very Practical People need a Very Practical Gift. Something that’s well-made, built to last and so exceedingly useful that it couldn’t possibly go unused. That’s where we come in. 

Made in the UK gift ideas

When picking out long-lasting gifts, do you often wonder if where the products were made should be a priority? We believe it shouldwhen trying to find the perfect gift.

18 lifetime guaranteed gifts

Explore some of our longest lasting finds, backed up by the top warranties around. These are the gifts your loved ones can carry with them through life.

10 gift ideas for the adventurer

If you have someone in your life who loves the outdoors, they’re probably not the kind of person who’s easy to buy for. Here's a helping hand for some inspiration.

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For the techie

This collection contains the longest-lasting technologies and durable, sustainable tech accessories, so you can banish disposable electronics from your Christmas tree.

For the food lover

Get a home chef the gift of a lifetime with our best kitchen finds, from British-made aprons to cast iron heirlooms.

For the perfect dinner

Whip up their favourite home-cooked meal, or plate up their go-to takeaway in style. These elegant, durable tableware staples are designed to be cherished year after year.

For the lazy morning

It feels tougher than ever to allow us to slow down. Savouring a morning coffee, breakfast in bed, the perfect PJs - invest in precious moments, and help curate a home they’ll love for life.