You would think that finding gifts for a foodie would be the easiest task in the world, but when it comes down to it someone with impeccable taste can be a nightmare to buy for. But never fear! BuyMeOnce has gone scouring the earth for the crème de la crème of kitchenware and accessories, so read on for an array of food-related gifts suited for all budgets. Because let’s face it, it’s in your best interests to encourage their love of cooking.

15 Meaningful Gifts for Foodies under £25

Gifts for Foodies Under £25

Starter Pack Beeswax Wraps

If your giftee cooks often, they’re well-versed in the leftovers game and probably have a crisper full of half-eaten veg or last night’s soup sloshing around in the fridge. This beeswax wrap pack is a clever alternative to single-use clingfilm! Keep their creations fresh and the planet plastic-free. This Starter Pack is only £20.

Duralex Manhattan Whiskey Tumblers

These Duralex Manhattan Whiskey tumblers combine classic design and timeless class. Perfect to knock back a short, neat drink, these are the perfect entertaining glasses, which you can trust to even your clumsiest guests. This is a gift your recipient will appreciate every time they pour themselves a drink. Get them a pack of six for only £19.99.

Duralex Glass Ramekins

Is your foodie a soufflé or crème brûlée lover? Get them this tempered glass ramekin set! Able to withstand blistering heat up to 300°C, they’re perfect for burgeoning pastry chefs and home cooks alike. This pack of four shatter-proof ramekins is only £8.

Globi Stainless Steel Straws

With an exclusive lifetime guarantee, your foodie will never have to purchase straws again with this handy pack by Globi. Every straw is BPA free and non-toxic, with no metallic taste! Complete with a nifty cleaning brush and handy drawstring bag, they're perfect to carry around on the go. Get them a pack of eight for only £9.99.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Is your foodie friend a coffee aficionado? Pour-over coffee is fast becoming the preferred method of experts worldwide, and it requires no wasteful coffee pods! This ceramic coffee dripper by Hario is super easy to use and clean, and creates delicious results. Gift it for just £25.

15 Meaningful Gifts for Foodies under 50

Gifts for Foodies Under £50

Stellar Rochester 7 Piece Cake Set

If your giftee has a sweet tooth, they'll love this sleek, contemporary cake set by Stellar. This heirloom-quality cutlery comes complete with a lifetime guarantee. Perfect for lazy Sunday brunches or afternoon tea! Contains one cake slice and six cake forks. Pick up a set for £35.

Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder

There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly-ground coffee. If your foodie giftee is a caffeine addict, they'll love the experience of grinding their own beans with this fantastically sturdy hand grinder by Hario. Pick one up for £40.

Black + Blum Sandwich Box

Enough of leaky repurposed takeaway boxes! Any foodie should be giving their lunch the treatment it deserves. This sleek number by Black + Blum is made of stainless steel and bamboo, and is both durable and beautiful. The bamboo lid even doubles as a little chopping board. Gift it for £30.95.

TOG Ceramic Knife Sharpener

Anyone who loves to cook is also going to know the importance of a proper sharp knife. This ceramic honing rod by TOG has a 3-part shock absorber system, and a finely abrasive surface. It was the Evening Standard's 'Top Pick' best knife sharpener 2018! Grab one for £50.

Loveramics Tulip Cappuccino Cup and Saucers

Loveramics durable crockery is made of quality high-fired porcelain, and is a ubiquitous brand found in coffee shops around the world. This elegant set of Tulip cappuccino cups and saucers makes a beautiful gift. The shape has been expertly designed to focus and intensify coffee aromatics. Pick up a set of 4 for £43.60.

 15 Meaningful Gifts for Foodies under £150


Gifts for Foodies Under £150

Risdon & Risdon Cotton Apron

Chef, baker or carpenter? Whatever your giftee’s hobby, this classic, robust cotton canvas apron will serve them well for a lifetime. Every apron is cut by hand for a superior fit and trimmed in either full grain leather or vegan Portuguese cork, with reinforced corners and riveted pockets. This is the ultimate in kitchenwear finery. Gift it for £125.

Solidteknics 26cm Skillet

The perfect all-rounder gift for any foodie, this 26cm satin skillet comes with a multi-century guarantee and outperforms heavier cast iron equivalents. Built from seamless iron, this pan has no breakage points and gains a natural non-stick treatment after seasoning. Gift it for £127.90.

ROK GC Manual Espresso Maker

This London-designed manual coffee maker requires no electricity and no wasteful capsules, pods or filters. With a lifetime warranty on its metal parts, this is a unique gift which they will treasure forever and use every morning! Gift it for £149.

TOG Paring Knife

This sharp, agile paring knife by TOG has been hand finished by artisan knifemakers in Seki, Japan - each knife has minor variations and is numbered. Perfect for everyday use, this nifty little number is a kitchen essential, and covered by a lifetime guarantee. Grab this special gift for £130.

Solidteknics Crêpe Pan

If you have a die-hard crêpe lover on your list, we couldn’t recommend this versatile pan enough. This low-sided formed iron skillet is perfect for flipping pancakes or flash-frying steaks, and comes with a multi-century guarantee. Gift it for £127.90.

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Amanda Saxby hails from the frozen tundra of British Columbia, Canada, and now works as Digital Marketing Manager for BuyMeOnce in London. When she’s not analysing the latest Twitter trends or decoding the optimal time to post an Instagram, she can be found with a whisk in her hand baking up refined sugar free snacks for her colleagues. So far, no complaints.

November 28, 2018 — Amanda Saxby