The idea of having things for a long time has proven to be a powerful and relatable concept, garnering attention all around the world. There’s a shared human experience in having a treasured possession, as well as the clear environmental benefits in owning less things, and keeping them for longer. 

You might even recognise us from a story on ‘The rise of of Buy Me Once shopping’ that went viral in The Telegraph in 2016 and gathered traction worldwide. 

Since then our story has been featured in: 

The New York Times. 

The Guardian. 

Buy Me Once in The Guardian


Buy Me Once in Vogue


The Telegraph. 

Buy Me Once in The Telegraph

In 2018, our founder Tara Button wrote A Life Less Throwaway: a book on how to have a more meaningful relationship with the stuff in your life, explaining the value in buying for the long term. Tara has also had regular spot on BBC Radio and been featured on The Minimalist Podcast.

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September 16, 2020 — Tara Button