Are you lucky enough to have a loved one who’s baking obsessed? Supporting their passion will pay delicious dividends in the long run… so why not give the gift of quality equipment?

They say that cooking is an art, whilst baking is a science. We reckon it’s both. Creating batters and doughs, and turning them into beautiful cakes, breads and pastries takes skill. Often, the tricky part of baking is getting consistent results - and that’s where good equipment comes in.

Details such as the power of a mixer or the conductivity of a pan really can be the difference between success and soggy bottom. Plus, there’s no greater pleasure for any hobbyist than doing what they love - with some really nice kit. 

Shopping for a bake-oholic? We’ve thoroughly tested all our outstanding baking equipment, and it’s all built to last. Take a look at our top favourites.

1. A quality apron

Risdon and Risdon apron

Putting on a great apron is the perfect way to kick off a baking session. Durable materials like denim, linen or canvas shrug off wear and tear.

A high-quality apron makes a brilliant gift for anyone who loves to cook. Not only does it save your clothing from splatters, it makes you feel like a proper chef. Choose an apron that’s thick and sturdy, for long-term durability and extra protection. 

Our premium canvas or denim aprons by Risdon and Risdon are UK-made, with a lifetime guarantee. Or to go extra heavy-duty, our dungaree-style Yarmouth Aprons are even more robust. For something lighter, our cross-back linen apron is both comfy and flattering.

2. A Mason Cash mixing bowl

Mason Cash long lasting mixing bowl

These classic mixing bowls are a British design icon, and a firm favourite with bakers - professionals and hobbyists alike.

Every baker needs a good mixing bowl in their arsenal, and you won’t do better than an iconic Mason Cash model. These ceramic bowls are light enough to hold in one arm, yet solid and sturdy enough to last forever.

The 5 litre capacity is perfect for baking cake batter, dough and pastry, whilst the shallow shape and easy-grip pattern are a pleasure to use. Choose from three chip-resistant glaze colours: classic cane, soft pink or bold red.

3. A Dualit hand mixer

Dualit hand mixer

An electric whisk that won’t let you down, with a powerful motor, four speed settings and extra attachments.

This hand mixer is a versatile multi-tasker, thanks to the addition of extra attachments (a balloon whisk and dough hooks, as well as the classic flat beaters). You can really feel the extra power that comes with the 400W motor, and the four speed settings give you ultimate control.

This hand mixer is also designed for repair, with spare parts and support available from Dualit should anything go wrong. With a chunky ‘strong grip’ handle and chrome finish, your loved one will relish bringing out this machine for their baking projects.

4. A marble rolling pin

Marble rolling pin

This beautiful marble rolling pin is naturally weighted and stays cool.

Made from solid natural marble with wooden handles, this rolling pin is a classic for a reason. The weightiness helps you achieve smooth, even rolling without having to push down. What’s more, the stone stays naturally cool, helping to prevent sticking.

That natural coolness is ideal for pastry or sugar paste - you can even pre-chill it in the fridge! The rolling pin comes with a wooden storage cradle and is guaranteed by Judge for 25 years.

5. Alphabet cookie cutters

Letter cookie cutters

These stainless steel letter cookie cutters allow you to neatly personalise all kinds of baked goods.

Packaged in a handy storage tin, this set of 26 letter cookie cutters allows you to get personal with your bakes. Make words from cookies, pastry, icing or even mini pancakes to show your affection to your loved ones.

Made from sturdy stainless steel, these cookie cutters come with a 5-year guarantee - but are designed to last a lifetime. They’re dishwasher safe, too.

6. A fluted flan tin

Silver anodised mermaid fluted flan tin

If your loved one is already set for regular cake tins, why not get a little fancy with a fluted flan tin?

Brummy bakeware experts Mermaid have been making anodised aluminium pans for over a century. From cake tins to trays (and everything in between), each one is made in the UK and carries a lifetime guarantee.

This beautiful fluted flan tin is made of anodised aluminium. This material’s superb heat conductivity gives consistent baking in a reduced time - no more soggy-bottomed quiches! What’s more, the surface won’t peel or flake, ever.

8. The perfect loaf tin 

Mermaid loaf tin

This 2lb loaf tin is lifetime guaranteed and will never peel, flake or rust.

The perfect banana bread or lemon drizzle requires the perfect loaf tin. This one by Mermaid is made in the UK and carries a fantastic lifetime guarantee. The abrasion-resistant coating is twice as hard as stainless steel, and is safe for use with metal utensils.

Why aluminium? Aluminium is highly conductive, meaning heat spreads quickly and evenly through it. This creates faster, more even bakes (no soggy bottoms here). Anodised aluminium will never rust, flake or peel - unlike your typical non-stick bakeware.

9. A cast iron spice mill

cast iron and walnut spice mill

This hefty little spice mill lets you grind up whole spices by hand. A unique and lasting gift cooks will appreciate.

Are you buying for an adventurous baker who loves spice? Gift them this nifty spice mill, handmade in Sweden from cast iron and walnut wood. Push and twist it, and the mill quickly grinds up whole spices - such as cardamom, coriander seeds and star anise - to a powder.

Like all Skeppshult products, this spice mill carries a 25 year guarantee. Skeppshult operates the last remaining foundry in Scandinavia producing cast iron cookware, and runs on green electricity from wind and hydropower. Their cookware is simple, solid and elegant, and will last for generations.

10. A linen bread bag

Helen Round linen striped bread bag

Keep bakes fresh and reduce mould with this breathable linen bread bag. It’s practical, strong and looks great too.

Is your loved one a sourdough fanatic? This striped bread bag allows them to keep loaves fresh, without the need for a bulky bread bin. The breathable material means mould is slower to appear, too. Roll it down, cut off a slice and tuck the loaf away again. Simple.

These bread bags are all handmade in Cornwall by the Helen Round team. Helen Round textiles celebrate the natural beauty and strength of linen, accentuated by refreshing colours and restrained prints.

11. A cake server

Cake server

No more balancing cake slices on the end of a butter knife. This cake server lets you do teatime properly.

Anyone serious about making cake will appreciate taking the same care when serving it. This premium cake server allows you to plate up slices with confidence (without touching them). 

Like all Stellar products, this cake server comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s made from 18/10 stainless steel, which is the best for lasting shine and durability. It’s dishwasher safe, too.

12. A nesting colander and mixing bowl

Colander and mixing bowl nesting set

This handy colander and bowl set will become the most-used item in your kitchen.

Mix, pour, rinse, drain and measure. Made from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel (with a proportion of recycled materials), this colander and bowl set is incredibly versatile. The compact design is ideal for small kitchens, too.

The bowl has a pouring spout and handy internal measurements, and the run-off space between bowl and colander allows liquid to drain from foods. Comes complete with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

13. Stainless steel pegs

Pincinox stainless steel pegs pack of 20

Another great way to keep ingredients fresh - these everlasting pegs are household heroes that will keep packets and bags shut tight.

Our Pincinox pegs aren’t just for laundry (though they do a great job of that). These everyday household heroes can be used for all sorts of things, from keeping packets shut to pegging recipes and shopping lists together.

Each Pincinox peg is handmade in France. These stainless steel pegs come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and rust - much better than those flimsy plastic ones. Their patented one-piece design means they’ll never snap, either. 

14. An everlasting lunchbox

Elephant box stainless steel clip and seal lunchbox

Store baked goods in style with these stainless steel food containers. Unlike plastic, they won’t stain or smell, and they’re practically unbreakable.

From cookies to focaccia, your special someone will love storing their bakes in these Elephant Box containers. The silicone seals will keep baked goods fresher for longer, and the stainless steel won’t get stained or smelly.

Choose from a wide range of box sizes, as well as useful mini pots - or get them fully kitted out with a big bundle of containers. Each one carries a 25 year guarantee, and is dishwasher safe. Plus, a portion of each sale goes to environmental nonprofits.

15. A handheld grater

Stellar handheld grater

This high-quality grater lets you shave lemon zest, chocolate or cheese with ease.

This premium handheld grater by Stellar comes lifetime guaranteed and is made from top-quality 18/10 stainless steel. Bakers will appreciate the ease with which you can zest citrus fruits, or grate chocolate and parmesan.

Keeping a good grip is easy, thanks to the ergonomic, lightweight hollow handle. This grater is also dishwasher safe, and can be hung up on the handle hole when not in use.


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September 26, 2022 — Jasmine Vorley