Hosting is an art. A memorable dinner party doesn’t appear out of thin air - people who love to host put a lot of preparation into making things perfect. 

If you’re lucky enough to know someone who loves hosting, don’t go for the easy option (i.e. a bottle of wine). Show them you know them with something a little more special. Hosts are homemakers and foodies - people who love taking care of and showing off to others. They’ll appreciate gifts that can make that experience even more special.

From quality tableware and crystal glasses, to classic stoneware crockery and dutch ovens, we’ve got all sorts of gifts for the perfect host. And even better, every single one of them is built to last a lifetime.

1. A linen tablecloth

Navy piglet in bed linen tablecloth with dining tableware on

For effortless elegance, you can’t beat a 100% linen tablecloth. Keep it rustic by leaving it unironed.

There’s nothing that elevates a dining table quite like laying out a tablecloth. But forget starched cotton or busy patterns - these effortless linen tablecloths keep things casual, yet sophisticated. Even better if you hang-dry them, but skip the ironing for a subtle wrinkle.

In navy, oatmeal or white, these linen tablecloths by Piglet are the real deal. Made from 100% stonewashed French linen, they’re supple, strong and will last a lifetime of dinner parties.

2. A set of linen napkins

Piglet in bed french linen napkins

These quality linen napkins add a touch of class to any dinner party. Mix and match with a linen tablecloth for effortless style.

If you think your special someone might want to take their table setting to the next level, gift them some of these beautiful linen napkins. They look great folded under your cutlery, or tucked through a napkin ring.

Matching our linen tablecloths, these Piglet napkins come in navy, oatmeal or white - plus, we have navy stripe versions by Helen Round, in sets of two. These napkins will last a lifetime of use, and they just get softer and softer the more you use and wash them.

3. A stoneware crockery set

Denby imperial blue dinner set

These Denby plates needn’t be kept for best. Thanks to high-fired Derbyshire clay and chip-resistant glazes, this crockery is built to endure.

For anyone who loves to host, getting crockery that you love is a holy grail. Our Denby crockery comes in beautiful, unique glazes - and it’s built to endure a lifetime of everyday use. This is all thanks to its stoneware construction, meaning that the clay is fired at an extra-high temperature.

All Denby crockery is made in Derbyshire, using high-quality local clay. The glazes are resistant to stains and chipping, and each piece is even oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. They’re tough enough for everyday, and stunning enough for special occasions.

4. A beautiful set of cutlery

Legacy silverware

A proper silverware set is the gift of a lifetime. Well-made cutlery really makes a difference to a table setting, and can be handed down for generations.

If your special someone loves to host but still has bent, mismatched cutlery leftover from their student days, a new set could make a really special gift. Crafted from 18/10 stainless steel for extra durability and shine, this cutlery by Legacy Silverware will last a lifetime and more.

Legacy Silverware was originally founded in 1898, and makes exquisite cutlery using traditional methods. Their impressive portfolio of customers includes the Royal Family, the Sultan of Brunei, Concorde and The Titanic.

5. Toughened French glasses

Duralex manhattan glass tumblers

These Duralex glasses combine legant, classic styles with sturdy tempered glass. Built to last in a low-emissions factory in France.

There’s a good chance you’ve used Duralex glasses before in a cafe or restaurant - their quality and durability makes them perfect for commercial use. But they’re also brilliant for use at home, especially for the accident-prone.

In classic styles that range from tall, flared tumblers to straight-sided whisky glasses, Duralex glasses look sophisticated around any table. A top-class (but affordable) gift for those who love to host.

6. A set of (super-strong) crystal wine glasses

Super strong red wine glasses

It’s hard to find fine crystal glasses that are strong and dishwasher safe. These Schott Zweisel ones are designed to endure commercial use, and they’re delightfully thin.

Looking for something a little more special? German glass innovators Schott Zwiesel make crystal drinking glasses that are thin and elegant - but astonishingly strong. Their patented glass contains titanium oxide for extra durability, and each glass is tempered at weak points.

Choose from classic wine glasses, large gin and tonic glasses or even classic martini glasses. Anyone who loves wine (or a cocktail party) is sure to appreciate serving in these.

7. A set of salt and pepper grinders

Peugeot salt and pepper mills

These beech wood salt and pepper grinders are made by Peugeot (as in the car manufacturer), and carry a lifetime guarantee on the grinding mechanism.

These salt and pepper grinders are an iconic design by Peugeot, who were making pepper mills in their French factory long before they ever made a car (since 1874, in fact). If you’re buying for someone who still uses a disposable pepper grinder, this will be a game-changer.

Both the salt and pepper grinders can vary the coarseness of the grind using the knob on top. And thanks to a lifetime guarantee on the mechanism, you can be sure that this is a practical gift that will last forever.

8. A ceramic cafetiere

Denby speckled blue ceramic cafetiere

Not your typical cafetiere. This sturdy French press is coated in a stunning textured blue glaze. Tough, insulating and generously-sized.

For impromptu coffee mornings with friends, any host will love bringing out this large ceramic cafetiere. Not only is the ceramic body far more sturdy than its glass equivalent, the blue glaze and speckled top look beautiful on the table.

These cafetieres are made by Denby in Derbyshire, using high-quality local clay. Like all Denby crockery, they also carry an excellent 10 year guarantee. Want to add a pair of matching mugs? Save with this stunning gift set here.

9. A glazed & speckled teapot

Denby halo glazed speckled ceramic teapot

More of a tea drinker? This showstopping teapot makes the perfect centrepiece for a cream tea spread.

If you aren’t shopping for a coffee drinker (maybe they’re the kind of person who instantly offers tea to visitors), consider this beautiful teapot. It’s part of Denby’s Halo range, which features a stunning combination of ombre and speckles: a testament to their glazing expertise.

In a generous 1.4L size, this teapot makes the perfect centrepiece to a proper afternoon tea spread - or a morning spent chatting over mugs with a friend. To make this gift extra special, add a matching pair of mugs with this gift set.

10. An enamelled Dutch oven

Saveur Selects enamelled cast iron dutch oven

Take showstopping dishes straight from the oven to the table with this lifetime guaranteed Dutch oven. Made from enamelled cast iron with a lightweight, insulating lid.

One-pot dishes are perfect for entertaining - even better when you can take them straight to the table in style. This pretty Dutch oven by SAVEUR Selects is made of cast iron, coated with a durable ceramic enamel. Its double-walled stainless steel lid locks in heat and moisture, whilst keeping the overall weight down.

Dutch ovens are perfect for one-pot dishes such as braises and stews - use them to sear your ingredients first and then have them bubbling away low and slow for hours. They’re also brilliant for baking.

11. An iron pan

Solidteknics wrought iron seamless 26cm frying pan

This seamless iron pan will last several lifetimes. Foodies will love its outstanding searing capabilities and versatile nature.

Every cook needs an iron skillet, and these Solidteknics pans are exceptional. They act just like traditional cast iron, but they’re half as heavy - and even stronger. The more you cook on them, the more they build up a naturally non-stick seasoning.

These pans can be purchased to season at home, or pre-seasoned so you can cook right away. Each one carries an incredible multi-century warranty, reflecting their quality and durability. They were even named the #1 Best Frying Pan by The Telegraph.

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September 26, 2022 — Jasmine Vorley