There’s something really satisfying about giving someone a gift you know they’ll have forever. But as we all know, quality products tend to require a little investment. Fortunately, this list of best gifts under £50 contains a wide range of buy-once items that won’t break the bank.

These gifts are practical, beautifully-made and ready to go the distance. From quality socks and kitchen utensils to mugs and glasses, we think there’s something for everyone.

1. A tin of Fixits moulding sticks

Fixits Moulding Sticks

Practical people will love this gift tin of Fixits: a seriously nifty Dragon’s Den product that makes all kinds of repairs easy. Snapped plastic? Missing part? Frayed cable? Simply dunk the stick in boiled water to soften, pinch off what you need and get moulding. They’re infinitely reusable, made in the UK and even compostable.

2. A set of recycled socks

Socko recycled socks

Crafted in the UK in small batches, Socko socks are made from a blend of 100% recycled materials. These range from cotton offcuts sourced from British mills, to nylon spun from fishing nets. Each pair even comes with a darning kit for future repairs. This set of three makes the perfect gift for the eco-minded sock lover.

3. Everlasting stainless steel clothes pegs.

Pincinox stainless steel clothes pegs

With their ergonomic design and lifetime guarantee against rust, these versatile pegs are a household saviour that will genuinely last a lifetime. Why keep buying cheap pegs that degrade in sun and frost, when you can keep a set of Pincinox pegs on the washing line year-round? Lovingly handmade in France since 1970. Plus, don’t forget the peg bag.

4. A 2-in-1 water bottle and coffee cup


The Cupple is a combined water bottle and insulated lidded coffee cup that twist together into one. It’s an ingenious concept, one that allows you to stay hydrated on the go and get a spontaneous coffee - all without contributing to single-use plastic waste. Simple, durable and satisfying to use.

5. A set of linen bowl covers

Linen bowl covers

A sustainable alternative to cling film that also manages to look nice in the kitchen. These elasticated bowl covers are handmade in Cornwall, and are great for use in the fridge, on your countertop or for outdoor dining. Made of strong, sustainable linen fabric, they allow food to breathe - helping it last longer without spoiling. This set comes in three sizes.

6. A strong, ethical charger cable

Syllucid ethical charger cable

Syllucid charger cables are where durable design meets responsible supply chains. These cables are thoroughly reinforced, and are made with conflict-free tin solder, fairly-traded gold and certified recycled materials. Plus, they have a truly outstanding 5-year warranty.

7. A reusable tissue pack


This silicone pocket box of organic cotton hankies is a brilliant alternative to single-use tissues. Simply pull a clean tissue out of the bottom, and store used ones in the top - a silicone divider keeps them separated. The cotton handkerchiefs get softer and softer with use, and can replace up to 3000 tissues! Or why not give the gift of a reusable swab?

8. A pair of double-walled glass tumblers

Judge double walled tumblers

These nifty glasses don’t just look smart - the air pocket insulates your drink and protects your hands. The double wall means iced drinks stay cold without condensation, and hot drinks stay hot whilst the exterior remains cool to the touch. No coaster needed! Each one is mouth-blown from borosilicate glass, which is tough and heat-resistant.

9. A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button

A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button
Do you want to give someone practical, accessible advice about buying for life? Our founder, Tara Button, literally wrote the book on it. It’s full of useful exercises and insider advice on how to make more mindful, fulfilling shopping choices. Help someone change the way they shop, for good. 

10. A three-piece cheese knife set

Cheese knife set

Cheese lovers will appreciate this set of three stainless steel cheese knives: a pronged knife for soft cheese, a wide knife for hard cheese and a convenient cheese slicer. Each piece is made of quality 18/10 stainless steel and carries a 25 year guarantee for extra reassurance. All this gift set needs is a cheese board to go with it.

11. A linen half apron

Linen half apron

Practical, flattering and tough. This half apron is perfect for cooking, gardening and crafts, with its deep side pockets and long ties. Made in Cornwall from 100% linen, it’s lightweight and sturdy, and will soften up the more you wear and wash it. Printed with a simple, elegant bluebell design.

12. Colourful cotton socks

London Sock Co. socks

For a very special pair of socks, these ribbed socks are made of extra-strong Scottish Lisle cotton. London Sock Co. uses an extra-fine, tight knit for exceptional durability, and they come in a wide variety of vibrant colours. These socks come with a no-quibble 12-month guarantee - and best of all, a pair of socks is donated to homeless or refugee charities with every order.

13. A stoneware mug (or two)

Denby mugs
Denby’s mugs make a morning cuppa something a little special. Crafted in Derbyshire and carrying a 10 year guarantee, they’re made from a highly robust stoneware ceramic. Say goodbye to tacky, chipped mugs - and get someone their new favourite.

14. Turkish bath towels

Luks Linen peshtemals

A ‘peshtemal’ is traditionally a lightweight cotton bath towel - but it can also be a throw, a blanket, sarong or tablecloth. These beautiful textiles are great for holidays, or evenings out where an extra layer might be needed. What’s more, these super-versatile gifts carry the Lüks Linen 20 year repair or replace guarantee.

15. Pegs made from ocean plastic

Nona ocean plastic pegs

These incredibly strong clothes pegs are made from discarded fishing nets - thought to be the most harmful type of ocean waste. It’s a practical and climate-positive gift that directly benefits the environment. Made by Nona also make a versatile clothes line you can use indoors or outdoors, also from ocean plastic.

16. A set of hi-ball crystal glasses

Hi ball crystal glass tumblers

Crystal glass that can go in the dishwasher! These glasses have fine, thin rims that are a pleasure to drink from - but they’re exceptionally durable too. German glass experts Schott Zwiesel use a patented lead-free crystal glass that contains titanium oxide for strength. Their impressive break resistance makes them a favourite with high-end hotels and restaurants - as well as the chronically accident-prone.

Looking for stemmed crystal glasses? Browse the Schott Zwiesel collection here.

17. A stainless steel lunchbox

Elephant box stainless steel lunchbox

This practical stainless steel lunchbox is sturdy enough to last forever. It contains a snack pod to compartmentalise your lunch, and the lid stays secure thanks to the clip-top design. Plus, unlike plastic tupperware, the ultra-hygienic stainless steel means stains and odours won’t stick around.

18. Lifetime salt and pepper grinders

Peugeot pepper grinder
A true kitchen classic. Long before they started making cars, Peugeot have manufactured iconic pepper mills in their French factory since 1874. Do you know someone who always has a disposable plastic pepper grinder by the stove? These Paris mills carry a lifetime guarantee on the grinding mechanism, so they’ll never have to buy another.

19. A seamless utility knife

Füri Pro Utility Knife, 15cm
An everyday kitchen essential. With a patented ergonomic wedge handle and super-sharp Japanese steel blade, Füri’s versatile utility knife carries a 25-year guarantee. That seamless design is hygienic and easy to clean too.

Still unsure of the right gift? Head here for some thoughtful (and useful) gifting inspiration. 

October 25, 2023 — Jasmine Vorley