In these unprecedented times, our small independent brands are being challenged in many ways, from disrupted supply chains to shut down shops. We’ve been speaking with them to find out how they’ve been affected, how they’re staying positive and how they’re still finding ways to give back to the community.

We caught up with Rachel Ward, founder of Lüks Linen: makers of beautiful hand-loomed Turkish blankets, scarves, towels and robes. Rachel counts herself lucky for her lovely home studio (pictured below) - she normally works from home, which has meant her routine has not changed a great deal.


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Home studio of Lüks Linen founder Rachel Ward


Lüks Linen are still in operation, although their supply chain has slowed dramatically. 

“Currently we still hold enough stock to be able to fulfil orders, and will continue to do so as long as it is safe,” Rachel says. “We are in regular contact with our weavers - those who work from home continue to weave, but only with family members, so production is slower than normal.” 

“For the slightly larger ateliers that we work with, production has currently stopped so we will have issues with supply chain interruption in the short term.”

Rachel believes that in these challenging times, there is always an opportunity for community and collaboration. “We know our neighbours far better than we ever did, and are working with our brand partners to offer support and initiatives that hopefully make a little difference to the day.” 


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As well as collaborating on a Moodboard Project with Claire Gaudion, Lüks Linen have been having a weekly NHS ‘Blanket Hugs’ giveaway on Instagram (@lukslinen).

Rachel’s biggest challenge right now? “Besides cash flow,” she says, “it’s knowing how best to support our customers and understanding what their priorities are.”

“Our products aren’t essentials, but for those who are in a position to buy from us, they can provide a little colour and comfort in the home - both now and in years to come.”

“Just the fact that customers are still buying from small businesses like ours is something we are endlessly grateful for. It’s not lost on us and is something that can be the difference between surviving and not.”


We love Lüks Linen for their dedication to ethically producing high quality, durable textiles. Their products are handmade by family-run ateliers in Turkey, using natural fabrics which are grown, spun, dyed and handwoven locally. And to top it all off, all Lüks Linen products come with a truly outstanding 20-year repair or replace guarantee.

You can support Lüks Linen and our other lovely independent brand partners with our Shop Independent collection.

Or you can check out the full Lüks Linen range here, featuring some brand new products!



May 07, 2020 — Jasmine Vorley