What could be better than a batch of freshly baked cookies? Well, how about one giant, show stopping cookie? This recipe is for a giant chocolate chunk cookie perfect for baking in the Solidteknics iron pan range.

This giant cookie-in-a-pan is so much fun to make and absolutely perfect for birthdays, holidays or even a fun activity to do with the kids. You are guaranteed to see eyes light up with excitement as you serve this up!

Giant cookie in a pan recipe


Solidteknics 30cm Seamless Iron Frying Pan

● Mixing bowl

● Electric whisk

● Sieve

● Wooden spoon

● Chopping board

● Knife


● 180g unsalted butter, softened

● 170g caster sugar

● 1 large egg, beaten

● 250g plain flour

● 1 tsp baking powder

● ½ tsp cinnamon

● Pinch of salt

● 250g milk chocolate, chopped


Preheat your oven to 170c and grease your Solidteknics pan with a little butter or oil.

In a bowl cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Next whisk in the egg.

Sift in the flour, add the baking powder, cinnamon and salt and gently fold until combined to form a cookie dough.

Chop your milk chocolate into nice big chunks. After all, a giant cookie deserves giant chunks! Add the chocolate chunks to the cookie dough and then mix until evenly combined.

Now add the dough into your greased Solidteknics pan and using clean hands press out the cookie dough evenly to create a large circle. Leave about an inch of space at the edge so the cookie has room to grow in the oven as it bakes.

Place your iron pan in the oven and bake for 25 minutes until lightly browned.

Cookie in a pan recipe

Serving suggestion

The fun of this recipe is serving up one giant cookie, whole in the pan. I love the theater of serving up this dessert! I think cookies are best served straight from the oven, still nice and warm, with scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream.

Once your pan is at the table you can slice up your giant cookie and serve individually. Or a fun alternative is to serve scoops of ice cream on top of the cookie and you can all dive in with your spoons. This is a particularly great serving suggestion if you are baking for kids.

Stress Free Cooking

I firmly believe that food should always be a joyful experience. And a huge part of enjoying food is not just eating it, but the process of making it. There’s nothing worse than being stressed out by cooking and the aftermath that follows. I have owned my Solidteknics pan for many years now, and it has been a staple in my kitchen ever since it arrived. I love how incredibly durable these iron pans are. I don’t have to worry about using the right utensils or causing scratches or preserving non-stick coatings. It’s great that they can go in the oven as well which not only increases versatility of what I can cook with it, but it also saves on the washing up! This all adds up to stress free cooking which is what I am all about.


Having a pan which is suitable for both hob and oven cooking really opens up the options for what you can cook with it. When I’m not having fun baking giant cookies my pan is serving up all kinds of meals from pasta dishes, fried rice, noodles, vegetables… you name it! The vast majority of my dinners are cooked in my Solidteknics pans. Iron allows you to cook nice and hot meaning that you can get a lot of smoky flavour into your food. This is ideal for dishes like Chinese-style noodles and pan fried vegetables. One of my favourite recent recipes is for a sensational one-pan orzo meal with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and feta. Once again making use of both hob and oven; the vegetables are roasted in the pan and then brought to the hob to infuse with the orzo. This kind of versatile cooking really maximises flavour; making sure all those lovely roasted vegetable bits that can otherwise get left in the pan make it into the meal.

Guest post by: Girl Eats World

Jo Kenny is a food writer and published author. You can find more recipes at GirlEatsWorld.co.uk. Her debut cookbook Cook It, Eat It, Live It is also available to buy online here, with her second book launching in 2023. Keep up to date with Jo on social media at @jogirleatsworld.

November 09, 2022 — Catherine McKay