It wasn’t so long ago that modern appliances were exclusively investment pieces - ones that you could expect to last decades. From mixers to vacuum cleaners, these products all used to be built to last. However, as companies jostle to achieve the lowest price tags, long-lasting, high-quality appliances have become more and more rare.

But although finding buy-for-life appliances is a challenge these days, there are still companies out there making some exceptional stuff. Often, these are products originally designed for commercial use - before their solid reliability found favour with domestic consumers too. 

We’ve put together a list of our favourite long-lasting appliances that we’re confident putting our name behind. With sturdy designs, repairable parts and long guarantees, these are appliances you’ll be able to trust for many years.

1. A Magimix food processor

Magimix 3200XL multifunctional food processor

A true investment piece that will pay off over decades. Magimix food processors are powerful, reliable and versatile - and they carry a 30 year motor guarantee.

A Magimix really is the ultimate in buy-for-life, do-it-all appliances. At its core, it’s an extremely good blender - but it comes with a whole host of attachments so that you can slice, grate, chop, whisk and knead anything. It can blend hummus, shred coleslaw or knead dough in moments.

These impressive machines have a rock-solid reputation for longevity and power - and it’s all down to the commercial-grade motor. It carries a 30 year guarantee, and automatically adjusts power according to the density of what’s in the bowl. This means it’s simple to operate, with just three buttons (stop, go, or pulse).

Magimix food processors are still made in Burgundy, France - as they have been for over 40 years. Each one goes through rigorous quality control checks before finding its forever home. And thanks to the long guarantee and repairable design, you can be assured you’re investing in a lifelong kitchen companion.

2. A Bamix handheld food processor

Bamix classic 160W handheld food processor

Not your average stick blender. The Swiss-made Bamix has a heavy-duty motor that carries a lifetime guarantee.

‘Handheld food processor’ isn’t a phrase you see often, but trust us when we say this isn’t your average stick blender. Dubbed ‘the kitchen robot’ by professionals, the Bamix is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that’s also at home in a commercial kitchen. They’ve been made in Switzerland since 1954, and carry an exceptional lifetime guarantee on the commercial-grade motor.

Sure, the Bamix can blend soups - but the powerful 160W motor means it’s done in mere seconds. And with some extra attachments, you can mince garlic, froth milk, whip cream or even make super-speedy mayonnaise from scratch. That means fewer underutilised gadgets on your countertop, and just one versatile, well-made appliance to see you through for a lifetime.

3. A Dualit toaster

Dualit retro classic 4 slot toaster

This award-winning toaster is a British design icon. They’re designed to last, and fully repairable.

Hand-built in the UK since 1945, Dualit Classic toasters are a testament to British engineering. Solid and hardwearing, they were originally designed for the catering industry - but in the 1980s, domestic demand for these toasters soared (not least because of their stylish utilitarian look). Their sturdy parts and repairable design ensures their longevity, and you can even do repairs at home.

Dualit’s patented heating elements make perfect toast fast - and they’re armoured against poking knives and jagged hunks of bread . The manually-operated lift lever and mechanical timer are pleasingly clunky, and built to be robust. We love how these retro design icons are still assembled in West Sussex; every Dualit Classic toaster is even stamped with the name of the person who built it.

4. A Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner

Lupe long-lasting cordless vacuum cleaner

All the convenience of cordless - but with the reliability and power of a traditional vacuum. Fully modular with easily replaceable parts.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, we thought you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too. You either choose a heavy, reliable plug-in one or a convenient, but flimsy cordless one. Thankfully, some engineers proved us wrong. 

The Lupe Pure Cordless is a vacuum made for long-term ownership, thanks to its innovative modular design. This means you can repair or upgrade your Lupe easily by buying affordable spare parts. Plus, it has the strongest and most efficient suction of any cordless vacuum out there. Not to mention a full hour of battery life, three power modes and 3-in-1 design for ultimate versatility.

5. A Dualit kettle

Dualit kettle

This multi-award winning kettle has a revolutionary replaceable element, which will greatly extend its lifespan.

Dualit’s multi-patented Classic Kettle features a replaceable heating element - meaning you could feasibly have your kettle for decades. Although you can’t do the repair at home for safety reasons, Dualit will replace the element (or indeed carry out any repair) for a fair fee.

This kettle is nice and quiet thanks to Dualit’s Whisper Boil™ function, which has been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society. Plus, there’s speedy heating, a precision-engineered non-drip spout, extra-durable hinged lid and double measuring windows (for cups or litres). All these details add up to an impeccably-designed appliance that's both robust and a pleasure to use.

6. A Magimix juicer

magimix juice expert

A compact, yet powerful little juicer carrying a 30 year motor guarantee. The versatile design makes juices, smoothies and plant-based milks with ease.

This super-versatile juicer has three different modes: pressing (for making juice, homemade plant milks and smoothies), filtering (for making pure, clear juices) and a citrus press and pulp system (for freshly squeezed juice with or without pulp). Despite its small countertop footprint, it’s a seriously powerful little device that you’ll find a lot of uses for.

Like the Magimix food processor, this smart little juicer carries a 30 year motor guarantee, and a 3 year guarantee on everything else. Each one is meticulously made in Burgundy, France, and thoroughly quality control checked before leaving the factory. 

7. A ROK manual espresso maker

Rok manual espresso maker

Makes great espresso without electricity, coffee pods or noise. Just a little elbow grease required.

Electrical espresso makers are loud, complex machines that are prone to blockages and leaking; it can be hard to keep them going for a long time. But this manual espresso maker is ingeniously simple - and it doesn’t plug in. Hot water goes in the top, and you push the arms down to pull the hot water through the coffee in the portafilter. Perfect espresso, powered by you.

This beautifully-engineered bit of kit is made from a high-strength metal alloy body, with a durable plastic midsection. The metal parts carry a 10 year warranty, and 2 year warranty covers everything else. Plus, spare parts can be purchased outside of the warranty for a very reasonable cost.

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