The start of a new year has come to mean much more than raising a glass when the clock strikes twelve. For millions, it signifies new beginnings, fresh starts, and feels like a clean slate more so than any other time of year. But for lots of us, hope and excitement is replaced by apprehension and gloom. It’s no wonder that Blue Monday – cited as the unhappiest day of the year – occurs in January. The hangover of festive indulgence, coupled with creeping guilt about straying from our new year resolutions, weighs on the minds of many.

Tired of intimidating diets and punishing exercise regimes? We’ve all been there: gazing upon expensive sports gear and elaborate hobby equipment, bought in a ‘New Year New Me’ frenzy, but consigned to the cupboard by February. We begin each new year with such good intentions; with old habits to break, new routines to form, and exciting goals to achieve. So why are resolutions so hard to keep? 

What if we turned our attention to not just what resolutions we want to make, but how we plan to keep them?

Let’s get SMART.

It’s time to get SMART with our resolutions: 

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. 

You may well be familiar with this handy little acronym, and there’s a reason it’s such a popular goal-setting method: it actually works! What better time to crack out this trusty technique than for setting out some solid new year’s ambitions?


Specific – plan out a clear, precise method of reaching your goal, to give you a realistic sense of how you will achieve it. 

Measurable – track your progress in a quantifiable way to hold yourself to account, not to mention the boost of seeing your commitment in action.

Attainable – set realistic objectives, helping you sustain your ambition to reach your goals.

Relevant - choose a goal that matters to you, that you can reasonably achieve in line with your lifestyle.

Time-bound – set target dates to reach certain milestones, to help prioritise your long-term goals alongside everyday tasks.

It seems that taking small steps, and considering the bigger picture while on the way to your goal, are both key to success. In 2022, ditch the punishing, unrealistic resolutions that are bound to fizzle out. Making one SMART commitment by choosing an achievable, specific goal for the New Year makes you much more likely to reach it. Achieving our goals is proven to greatly boost self-belief, which makes committing to future goals much more likely.

What will your goal be?

The best-kept resolutions are considered and reflective of why this goal is worth reaching. Focusing on your motivation can power you through temptations to ditch your goals. 

Resolutions are personal to everyone, with an infinite number of goals to aspire to. If you’ve found your way to this article, perhaps you have an interest in buying for life, sustainability, or shopping independently. Or, perhaps, it’s completely new to you! It’s important to choose a resolution because it’s something you want to do, not something you think you should do. That said, for the curious among you, we couldn’t possibly let you down by not sharing why we’re so passionate about buying things once, and loving things that last.    

Evaluating your relationship with material things could lead you to your perfect resolution for 2022. The benefits are undeniable. You could empower your purchases to invest in the years to come, not January crazes - making manageable, meaningful steps towards curating things you love that will serve you for life. You could decide to lend your support to businesses doing things the right way for people or the planet. 

Taking control of your spending habits and rejecting society’s obsession with the Shiny New Thing can do wonders for your mental health - not to mention your bank balance! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. When it comes to conscious consumerism, there are many different waters to dip your toe into. Remember: make a SMART resolution this year. Who knows where it could take you?

In 2022, let’s choose kindness.

Resolving to achieve a goal is only the beginning. The achievement itself takes time and sustained effort, and we all know how life can get in the way. Say no to the ‘all or nothing’ mentality that comes with resolutions. The last two years have been anything but easy for so many of us. Don’t we deserve to be a little kinder to ourselves? For instance: undesirable habits have likely taken years to form. Breaking them will take longer than a matter of weeks! Persevering through slip-ups means being compassionate with yourself. 

The fantastic thing about resolutions is, you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, there’s a reason why ‘buddying up’ or finding a supporting group is so frequently advised for reaching new goals - you guessed it - because it actually works! Join our community of like-minded conscious consumers by signing up to our email lists, and follow us on social media to get stuck into conversations and see what we’re up to.

Be SMART. Be kind. Here’s to 2022.


January 05, 2022 — Bridie Shine