No prizes for guessing what topics were the most popular with our readers and followers in 2019. Buying long lasting products. We believe if more of us can think about buying durable products, we can use it as an accessible entry point to sustainability and save you money. 

End of an Era: Dr Martens scrap their lifetime guaranteed “For Life” range

Interestingly, a lot of people revisited around the same time as the Guardian broke a piece about the declining quality standards in Dr Martens. In the early days of BuyMeOnce we were strong advocates of Dr Martens as a British-made product for life, but this is when we shifted that position. 

Verdict: The Most Durable Pair of Jeans Brand in the World

Written a while ago, but still as popular as ever. We set out on a search to find the most durable jeans in the world. We were looking for them to last a lifetime rather than a year, jeans with a low cost-per-use, and to give a feeling of ownership and individuality.

The Only Shoes You’ll Ever Need to Buy

This one is pretty self explanatory. A roundup of the features to think about when shopping for your next pair, and brands to keep front of mind.  Keep an eye out for an updated version of this article in early 2020. 

Tara Button: How it felt to meet The Minimalists

On a visit to the US this year, Tara was fortunate enough to meet Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus - founders of The Minimalists podcast. Despite being on the decluttering journey for a number of years Tara felt as though there were a lot of overlap in their approaches to minimalism as a tool to be used in everyday life.

What makes a BuyMeOnce product

This is a great place to start if you’ve only just recently discovered us. Lily runs through three of the most asked questions we get about what we do, why we do it and what makes a BuyMeOnce product, unpacking some of our jargon. 

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Activewear

This feels like a good time to revisit this one. We wrote it at the start of the year, with exercise and new year resolutions in mind. It’s about thinking about how you might invest in high quality gym gear that is going to last, there is more to consider than pure durability. A drawer full of beautiful, expensive but unworn fitness gear is just as bad a guilt-trip as the unused gym membership eroding your bank balance each month. In both cases the key to success is trying to figure out what will work best for you before you splash any cash. 



December 23, 2019 — Ben Manassah