Knowing how to repair your own clothes, once a very necessary and normal skill, is becoming an increasingly alien concept for many of us in the modern world. Really, it’s not a huge surprise. As fashion has gotten faster, so has our lives. The reality is that most of us are running so short on time, money and mental energy that it can be hard finding the time to even cook our own food let alone fix our own clothes. Buying new is so temptingly cheap and easy, so it’s no wonder that fast fashion reels us in again and again. However, if we and our planet are to survive we desperately need to rediscover the habit of repairing over replacing. 

We’ve wanted to offer clothing repairs to BuyMeOnce customers for a long time. We wondered - how can we possibly offer a repair service with our limited resources, and a small team whose sewing skills range from passable to shocking, to non-existent?BuyMeOnce x Clothes Doctor: Exciting News |

Thankfully, we’ve managed to team up with Clothes Doctor, the online service making repairing garments simple, accessible and affordable. We are incredibly excited to announce that because of this collaboration, we are now able to offer either a warranty or a repair guarantee on every single item of clothing sold directly through BuyMeOnce UK, right across our Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s sections. (Underwear and swimwear are a slightly different kettle of fish, so these sub-categories aren’t included just yet.) 

From now on, if you need to have your BuyMeOnce garment repaired and it falls within the guarantee terms, you can simply get in touch via our contact page, pop your garment in the post, and have it delivered back to your house as good as new.

BuyMeOnce x Clothes Doctor: Exciting News |

Make sure you check the product page thoroughly, as each guarantee will be specific to the brand. Some guarantees are for one year, whereas certain incredible brands - such as The White T-Shirt Co., Edmund Hillary, and Lemuel MC - are offering all BuyMeOnce customers free fixing for a lifetime! 

If you want to save this extra step by teaching yourself how to sew then we are 100% behind you. In fact, we’ve got an entire series dedicated to helping you - check out our ‘How to Hem Jeans’ tutorial for example. But if you’ve got enough on your plate at the moment, and becoming a clothes fixing wizard isn’t on your agenda, just know that BuyMeOnce has got your back. 

The Clothes Doctor is an award-winning online clothing maintenance service, operating nationwide with offices and workshops in London and Cornwall. Their mission is to keep as many pieces of your favourite clothing out of landfill as possible by offering a unique and easy-to-use service. Simply order online, they'll collect your clothing, alter or fix it and then they'll deliver it back to you. They never use any unnecessary packaging and your mending is guaranteed for six months.

August 30, 2019 — Georgie Crosswell