Duralex make the most iconic, functional and long-lasting glasses on the market. Their story began in 1945. Growing fast from humble beginnings, word quickly spread about the glasses 2.5x stronger than the competition. Now their tempered-glass tumblers are famous all around the world, and we’re delighted to add them to our collection. Our curated selection of classic glasses are available for all UK customers to purchase direct from BuyMeOnce.

What makes the Duralex range so durable? Not only are their materials cautiously sourced, but their end-to-end manufacture in France also means that every aspect of production has experienced oversight. But above all else, it’s their precise, repeatable tempering process that elevates Duralex above the flurry of competition.Duralex: French Durability Icons Since 1945 After a glass is pressed into the precision-milled mould, it is left to cool into its recognisable form. Most manufacturers end the process here, producing a simple “annealed” glass. Duralex are more considered. After cooling, the glasses are gently reheated to 700°C, before being rapidly cooled again by jets of air. The tempering treatment creates controlled stress throughout the glass and a true durable hero is born. Before graduating to the shop front, every single glass is hand-checked by the Duralex team in France.

Glass with a lifetime guarantee would be foolhardy; any glass is fundamentally brittle under the right circumstances. Duralex offer no guarantees. Their name is their bond. They have a legacy to uphold and generations of trust to constantly repay.

Duralex is an embodiment of the classic, straightforward design ethics that we cherish. It’s hard to give an ugly or trend-led item a lifetime of love and care – we get that. Duralex have broadened their offering over the course of their 72 years, but original designs like the Picardie and Gigogne remain unaltered. Their bold, unfussy lines make these glasses immediately identifiable, but the designs are modest at heart.

Picardie - The Classic Tumbler

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Their most iconic design. The Picardie is a genuine classic. Its no-nonsense looks make it an instant favourite for customers around the world. You’ve probably even seen these glasses in a film or two!

Available in 250ml, 310ml, 360ml, and the ample 500ml

Gigogne - Petite and Versatile

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When it’s not busy serving up a Monday morning double espresso, the Gigogne can be spotted in the Parisian Museum of Decorative Arts. A striking glass for a short drink, the Gigogne earns versatility points for its easy-going dome shape – perfect for delicate desserts.

The Gigogne can be found on BuyMeOnce in 160ml and 220ml.

Manhattan - Old-Fashioned Class

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A favourite in the BuyMeOnce office, this newer model from Duralex looks like a recovered relic. Its reassuring weight combined with fine outside detailing creates a glass that belies its affordable price. Throw in a handful of ice and a splash of scotch for the ultimate in refined swigging.

The Manhattan is available as a broad whisky tumbler in 220ml and 310ml, as well as a highball at 305ml

Provence - A Mediterranean Inspiration

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Take a step back in time with this French classic inspired by the rolling hills and sweeping landscapes of France’s most evocative region. The tough and versatile Provence glass is elegant and modern enough for every kitchen and dining table.

Shop the Provence in 220ml and the slightly broader 250ml

Bored of broken glasses and tired designs? Take your time to view the full Duralex range in our glassware section.

November 06, 2017 — James Bates-Prince