So you’re engaged - congratulations! That means it’s time to set aside your British embarrassment and accept the following three truths:

  1. Your wedding guests want and expect to give you a gift.
  2. No, you’re not being greedy or presumptuous.
  3. A wedding registry simply makes things easier for everyone.

It’s like throwing a birthday party and being allowed to ask for presents. And once you get comfy with the idea, you’ll realise that the gift registry is the most fun part of planning your wedding.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to dodge faux pas and get all the things you really want, strap in. We’re going to answer all the questions you’ve been too polite to ask…

The main steps of creating a gift registry

First of all, let’s get familiar with the process of making a wedding registry. Because just like everyone else, you’re probably new to this.

1. Take stock of what you want and need 

Instead of going straight to a registry provider and going mad in their shop, take the time to figure out the things you and your partner really need. Gathering some inspiration online and consciously figuring out your priorities will result in a more fulfilling gift list.

2. Choose your registry provider(s) 

There are lots of shops that provide free gift registry services (though not many that specialise in long-lasting goods). If one provider doesn’t have everything you want, it’s perfectly fine to create more than one registry.

3. Fill out your gift list

Wedding gifts

You probably already have cutlery, glasses, knives and chopping boards… But now’s the time to upgrade to real quality.

Onto the fun part! You and your partner can now populate your wedding registry with items you’ll cherish forever. Make sure you include a wide range of price points - not all guests will have the same spending power.

4. Share it with your guests

Although it’s not good etiquette to put your registry on the initial wedding invitation, you can link it wherever you’re sharing further details about the day. This could be on a wedding website or via a confirmation email.

5. Get married!

Say ‘I do’, kiss your beloved and have a wonderful honeymoon.

6. Receive your items

When you make your wedding registry, you’ll be able to choose a date to receive all your lovely items at once. It’s a good idea to leave your registry up for a few weeks or months after your wedding, to account for late shoppers.

7. Thank your guests

Always follow up with a personalised thank you, preferably hand-written. Regardless of whether your wedding guests spent a little or a lot, gave you cash or didn’t get you anything, it never hurts to be gracious!

Our wedding registry top tips

Spread out the price points

According to research, the average wedding guest spends £65 on a gift. However, you never know who might be short on money - and who might be eager to treat you. We recommend adding a variety of gift options between £20 and £300, with most between £50-£100.

Wedding gifts ROK espresso maker

Your gift registry is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home coffee setup. This manual espresso maker is a sturdy and sustainable way to get physical with your coffee…

Keep adding to your registry

Check your gift registry frequently (especially leading up to the wedding) and make sure there are still lots of options. No one is going to think you’re greedy, but guests might be disappointed if all the affordable gifts are gone, or if there’s nothing left that they like.

Be strategic

On that note, it’s a good idea to add high-priority items first, and top up the registry with ones further down your list later on. If you keep the list fairly tight but add to it frequently, you can make it much more likely that you receive your most wanted items.

Check your registry after your wedding

This might surprise you: most wedding gifts are bought in the two weeks before and two weeks after a wedding. So don’t close your registry too early, and make sure there’s enough choice even after the big day is over.

Do your research

Wedding gifts - Solidteknics

Our bestselling Solidteknics pans come with a multi-century warranty. Talk about an instant heirloom!

When picking your gifts, make sure you’re choosing a good brand and not simply the first thing you see. A little research could be the difference between a dud product and one you keep forever! Of course, by creating a gift registry with Buy Me Once, you know all that research has already been done for you.

Be true to yourselves

Will you or your partner realistically use a stand mixer? Or would some camping gear be a better idea? Your wedding registry should be a true reflection of your lives together - so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Do it together

Always remember that your wedding registry should be full of gifts you and your partner will both enjoy. Set time aside to agree on your highest gift priorities, as well as decor and style choices. You’re building a life together, after all. 

Wedding registry FAQs

What shouldn’t you put on your gift registry?

Wedding gifts don’t have to be all crockery sets and fancy sheets. Want to add some luggage? Ski equipment? A portable fire pit? You can and should make your gift list unique to you. That being said, avoid personal items that only one of you will use, such as clothes, jewellery or a new phone.

Wedding registry - Elvis & Kresse accessories

The exception to this is matching sets. A duo of recycled firehose accessories makes a great wedding gift, for instance.

How many items should you have on your gift registry?

A good rule of thumb is to take the number of guests at your wedding, times it by two and then add an extra handful. It may sound like a lot, but you want to make sure everyone has lots of options. However, stop short of adding items you don’t actually want or need.

What kind of price points are appropriate?

As mentioned above, we recommend keeping most gifts between £50-£100. However, make sure there are some options available for people to want to spend more or less. We would keep the lower limit at around £20, and cap it at around £300.

Find curated inspiration at different price points in our Under £50, Under £100 and Under £200 gift categories.

Is it okay to ask for money?

Absolutely. Gone are the days when cash gifts were taboo - most couples these days live together before they get married, so have less need for homewares. It’s perfectly acceptable to accept cash at your wedding, put gift cards in your registry or direct guests to send money digitally.

Can you keep adding to your wedding registry?

Yes - in fact, we recommend it. As outlined above, you want to make sure all your guests (latecomers included) have lots of gift options available to them at their ideal price point. So if all the ~£50 gifts have been snapped up for instance, it’s fine to add a few more.

Tara Button wedding

Our lovely founder, Tara, on her wedding day. “I wish this registry had existed when I tied the knot in 2017 and was looking for the best way to kit out my forever home.”

Is it okay to have more than one registry?

As long as they’re clearly signposted, it’s perfectly fine to have more than one gift registry. You might have one cash fund and one gift list, or simply two gift lists that cover all your needs.

Is it inappropriate to directly tell people about your registry?

You should be tactful about announcing your gift registry, keeping it as a side note to other important wedding information. Keep the registry off the first invite - instead, have it linked on your wedding website and as a footnote in any email updates.

How do I phrase the request for gifts?

Feeling awkward about announcing your gift registry? Put something like this on your wedding website: Truly, your presence at our wedding is the only gift we ask for! But if you would like to help us build our home or contribute to our honeymoon, you can find our wedding registry below.

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March 18, 2024 — Jasmine Vorley