Fact: the most eco-friendly electronics are the ones that last the longest.

Many people don’t think twice about throwing a charger cable in the bin. But although cables are small and inexpensive, they contain precious metals - including gold! That means even the flimsiest cables have a hefty carbon footprint.

It may be tempting to buy a cheap charger cable, but choosing one that will last is far better for the planet. What’s more, it’s likely to offer much better value in the long run.

Looking for the most durable iPhone charger? Or the best USB-C cable for Android? Here are seven signs of a well-made cable to look for:

1. A bend protector

The most vulnerable part of a charger cable is where the wire meets the connector. Frequent bending here will eventually cause the internal wires to break. By reinforcing this small area, a bend protector makes the cable far more durable.

2. A braided sleeve

A tough woven coating protects the cable from damage and helps prevent sharp bends.

3. Thicker wires

A little harder to spot. Thicker conductive wires result in a slightly fatter cable, and are more resistant to internal breakage. 

4. Gold-plated connectors

Unlike other metals, pure gold doesn’t oxidise. Chargers with connectors that aren’t made of gold will eventually form an oxidised layer, preventing them from conducting electricity. This is why gold-plated connectors stay conductive even after years of use.

5. A reinforced core

An additional layer of strength is a reinforced core inside the cable, made of nylon or aramid fibres. This further protects the cable from internal breakage.

6. Bend tested

Bend testing is when a cable is bent over and over in a controlled environment until it breaks. This is a great indicator of how strong a cable is - 10,000 bends means it will stand the test of time!

7. A case or cable tie

Keeping your cable safe and tidy will ensure it lasts as long as possible. A travel case or simple cable tie will ensure it doesn’t get tangled or damaged when you’re on the move.

Looking for an ethical charger cable that will last? Our Syllucid cables carry a market-leading warranty of 5 years.

Each one is thoroughly reinforced from the inside out, and made of responsibly sourced materials. Buy yours here.

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April 25, 2024 — Jasmine Vorley