When picking out long-lasting gifts, do you often wonder if where the products were made should be a priority? We believe it should when trying to find the perfect gift.

Local businesses help form a strong and thriving economy, so it’s beneficial to support British craftsmanship within your community where you can. And what’s more, buying within your own country is often a more sustainable option due to reduced oil and gas emissions when transporting goods. 

To make it easy for you to purchase British-made gifts, we’ve curated a little list of 11 built-to-last buys, just for you.

Reclaimed Fire Hose Wash Bag

Elvis and Kresse reclaimed firehose washbag

Crafted from reclaimed British fire hose and lined with parachute silk, this is the ultimate wash bag: tough, stylish and water-resistant. Handmade in Kent, England, this practical beauty is designed with travelling in mind and is built to last you years and years, and then some. Mix and match with our bestselling wallet and weekend bag.

Denby Studio Blue Cafetiere

Denby speckled ceramic blue cafetiere chip stain resistant

This large and beautifully crafted cafetiere is the ultimate coffee lover's gift. Made from high-fired stoneware ceramic, this cafetiere is tough enough for everyday use, thanks to its stain-resistant material. Denby has stepped away from the typical cafetiere style, creating a stunning speckled blue design that will never chip: a timeless gift to brighten a coffee lover’s morning. When not in use for your morning coffee, how about using it as a vase for some fresh blooms too?

10” Cast Iron Pan

 Emba Cast Iron skillet

There’s something really special about cooking with cast iron, knowing it will last you a lifetime and more. This naturally non-stick pan is made entirely from recycled iron and improves with every use. Whether you’re cooking veggies, meat or omelettes, it holds heat perfectly, effortlessly searing flavour into all dishes. Emba pans are as sustainable and high-performing as cookware can get.

Dualit 2-Slot Classic Toaster

Dualit 2 slot toaster award winning

Toast to your heart’s content with this 2-slot Dualit toaster, designed to last a lifetime. Handmade in the UK, this timeless toaster is handbuilt using fully repairable or replaceable parts, so you can enjoy perfect toast every time. This award-winning toaster has been engineered to last: a kitchen superstar you can cherish forever. If you have a bigger household, it also comes in a handy 4 slot too.

Oak End Grain Small Chopping Board

Oak End grain chopping board

This intricately designed chopping board is an ideal gift for new nesters or for those who love a good cheese board. Handmade to order, this board is crafted from dense oak hardwood, making it supremely tough. The end grain structure absorbs knife cuts without damaging your blade. Made to last a lifetime of cooking, prepping and serving, this board will make for a beautiful ever-lasting gift.

Denim & Leather Street Apron

Denim leather durable sustainable apron craft cooking apron

Whether you’re an artist, cook, gardener or craftsperson, this practical and stylish denim apron is an ideal gift for a loved one. Made from premium denim and trimmed with high-quality leather, this British-made apron has a timeless design and ultimate durability: a true heirloom item to be passed down through generations. Browse our various other apron colours and styles here.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket, Family Size

Pacmat lightweight waterproof family picnic blanket

Birthday picnic anyone? This is the ultimate practical picnic mat. These colourful Pacmats are machine-washable, waterproof and super lightweight. Ready for all summer activities, it’s a soft and endlessly versatile mat which folds into a small mesh carry bag, for ease of transport. A great present for family and friends. See our range of patterns and sizes here.

Studio Blue mugs

Denby mug

Made in Derbyshire since 1809, this ceramic stone glazed speckled mug set is tough enough for everyday use and stunning enough for best. Perfect for your morning cuppa or caffeine buzz, these mugs are incredibly stain and chip resistant. An ideal gift set for couples, this durable duo comes with a 10 year guarantee against faulty workmanship / materials.

5” Horse Chestnut Utility Knife

utility knife forest and forge

Forged in Sheffield from British steel and native hardwood, this nimble and versatile utility knife is covered by a lifetime guarantee. The utility knife features a beautifully sharp blade made from the highest-quality carbon steel, for maximum longevity and hardness. An exceptionally durable knife that makes cutting, dicing and prepping an enjoyable and easy task.

Halo Speckle Stoneware

speckled patterned pasta dinner bowls

This distinctive speckled pasta bowl is an ideal gift for new homeowners due to its strength, durability and timeless design. Great to enjoy pasta, rice, salads and more, this bowl has been high-fired at 1200°C. The result? A strong yet beautiful ceramic bowl that will be reached for regularly.

The Ultimate Garden Broom

Daft outdoor broom

A buy-once broom is a highly requested item from our community, and we’ve noticed that it’s searched for a lot in our store too. That tells us that this is a common gripe. So we decided to find a proper broom - one that can be relied on forever. This strong and sturdy garden broom is an ideal and practical gift that’ll keep on giving. 

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July 18, 2022 — Jemma Sharman