There are many reasons GROUNDTRUTH accessories are a firm favourite amongst the Buy Me Once team. Primarily, it’s their durability - every item is incredibly hardwearing, from the backpacks down to the packable shopping bags.

But we also love that every bag is made from 100% recycled material, all the way down to the zips. GROUNDTRUTH create their unique fabrics from post-consumer waste gathered locally in Indonesia, where plastic pollution is devastating the environment.

For the latest instalment of our Meet the Maker series, we interviewed GROUNDTRUTH CEO Georgia Scott about how she and her two sisters founded this remarkable accessories brand.

What was the driving force behind setting up Groundtruth? 

My sister Sophia and I have spent over a decade capturing stories from the ground in some of the most challenging environments, telling the stories of those affected by conflict. The stories we encountered, the people we met and the challenges we faced as filmmakers ignited in us a powerful drive to create measurable, positive change.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and unethical industries in the world, where disregard for both people and our planet runs deep. We used our investigative documentary filmmaking experience to build a unique supply chain, creating a way of doing business that is open, transparent and has both people and planet central to its purpose.


GROUNDTRUTH founding sisters

Tell us about your materials and production methods.

When we founded GROUNDTRUTH back in 2017, we brought on board our third sister Nina who had experience in textiles development. Together, we embarked on the journey of developing our own materials to achieve the level of durability and sustainability we were looking for.

The origins of the word GROUNDTRUTH come from being able to make informed decisions by direct on-the-ground observation. We applied this way of working to build every part of our supply chain ecosystem, from our bespoke materials to the manufacturing of our designs.

How and why were certain design features chosen for your accessories?

Our design philosophy evolved over the years working as documentary filmmakers, travelling around the world. From the vast landscapes of Antarctica to the jungles of Sierra Leone, we wanted to create versatile designs that could accompany you no matter where the journey of life takes you.

Our 24L Backpack can survive up a mountain with a tripod attached to its side, or it can transform into a trendy pack that’s fit for your daily commute. The word hybrid plays a big role in our GROUNDTRUTH design workshops!


GROUNDTRUTH 24L recycled backpack

Which is your favourite piece in the collection? 

Our RIKR 24L Backpack lies close to my heart as it’s the first design we created - it went through 14 different prototype stages! It’s still the backpack I use every day, and it’s on my back no matter where I go. Having said that, our new 10L Tote Pack is the perfect light travel companion and also has three convenient ways of carrying it.

What frustrates you about the accessories industry? 

There are many things that frustrate me about this industry. I really feel that trends are the worst from an industry perspective. When things become trendy, there’s a mad rush to make them available - this is where corners are cut, and the disregard both for workers and our planet becomes very evident. Good things take time.


GROUNDTRUTH 24L recycled backpack

What makes GROUNDTRUTH products different from others on the market?

I think there are a lot of brands out there doing really great work. But what I feel makes GROUNDTRUTH stand out is the level of product quality, the hybrid designs and our unique patent-pending materials. We’re working in a new, innovative space at the forefront of green exploration.

Tell us about a product in your life that has lasted a really long time. 

I have a tough green shirt that I’ve had for over 10 years. I bought it before heading to Bosnia to make my first ever feature documentary back in 2012. I’ve worn it ever since - it travels with me wherever I go. It’s missing a button but still looks new!

Tell us about a frustrating time a product of yours broke. 

We’ve all been there where a zipper has broken on a bag. One of the reasons I founded GROUNDTRUTH with my sisters was due to the lack of durability of the gear that we used as filmmakers. Performance is one of our core pillars, and one of the main pillars of true sustainability - buy better, and therefore you buy less.


GROUNDTRUTH accessories production

Have you got any exciting plans for GROUNDTRUTH over the next year? 

I’m really excited about the next year - we’ve got some really groundbreaking developments in the works including new products, new materials and a couple of incredible collaborations. Stay tuned! 

Browse GROUNDTRUTH’s full collection of hardwearing, planet-positive accessories here.

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June 08, 2023 — Jasmine Vorley