Did you know? The pointless destruction of new, unsold products is common practice for many retailers. Whistleblowing and undercover footage have offered a glimpse into the waste generated by the likes of Amazon, H&M and Nike - and the figures are astonishing.

At a time when so many families are struggling to afford basic necessities, we want to end this inexcusable practice. Our Change.org petition, which we’ve called Love Stock Hate Waste, aims to penalise waste and distribute these goods to the people who need them most.

Are you, too, disgusted by the idea of sending brand-new goods to landfill in the name of profits? We’re going to talk about how and why companies do this, and outline the concrete steps our campaign is taking.


The problem

Scale of Amazon waste revealed

Brand-new electrical goods still in their packaging, marked for destruction by Amazon.


Even though companies have tried to keep the scale of their wastage in the dark, even small snapshots have been staggering. In 2021, it was revealed that Amazon was destroying hundreds of thousands of unsold products - from Macbooks to baby blankets - every week. And this was at just one of their 24 UK fulfilment centres.

Companies slashing or spraypainting goods before they’re dumped, simply to prevent anyone from using them, is also common practice. Dumpster diving community groups hint at the scale of this destruction, but companies aren’t required to declare it.


Skip full of new stock

Dumpster divers reveal the practice of slashing unsold goods, rendering them unusable.


Why do they do it? For most companies, destroying unsold goods is simply the cheapest way to get rid of them. Recycling and donating takes time and money, after all. Luxury brands will also maintain scarcity - and exclusivity to the wealthy - in order to not ‘devalue’ their product. In other words, it all comes down to money.

Our solution

The Love Stock Hate Waste campaign takes a three-pronged approach to tackling this wasteful practice:

1) The pledge - giving companies a way to show that they don’t destroy stock


Brands that have pledged


Firstly, we’re urging all retailers to make a simple pledge:

"We pledge never to purposefully damage stock. All our useable, returned or surplus stock will be donated, resold or recirculated in some way which benefits society."

By signing this pledge, brands can show their commitment to wasting less with a Love Stock Hate Waste pledge badge on their website. This differentiates them from other brands, and highlights this issue to customers. In turn, this empowers consumers to make better choices and ask tougher questions.

Since launching the campaign, over 100 CEOs and brand owners have signed our pledge, and can proudly display the Love Stock Hate Waste badge.

2) The partnerships - facilitating the donation of goods to those in need


Donating unwanted products sounds sensible, but it isn’t always logistically easy. By making the Love Stock Hate Waste pledge, companies gain access to our In Kind Direct network. This charity, founded by King Charles III, helps companies distribute overstock to the grassroots communities who are most in need.

By partnering with this brilliant charity, our aim is to facilitate meaningful, useful donation - and make it much easier for everyone to make the pledge. We want to ensure that the campaign has a positive social impact whilst reducing waste significantly.

3) The petition - calling on the government to tax the destruction of usable products

Right now, it makes more economic sense for these retailers to trash their stock than take responsibility for it. This outdated business model needs to be made impossible. Our petition calls on the Business Secretary, Environment Secretary and PM to create a tax on destroying stock, to stop this behaviour in its tracks.

In France, it’s illegal for unsold non-food products to be destroyed. Why shouldn’t our government take similar steps? Taxing unnecessary waste would force retailers to control overproduction - and develop better ways to distribute surplus goods.

Will you take a stand?


Love Stock Hate Waste campaign


We don’t want to live in a society where destroying brand-new goods at scale makes financial sense. If you want to see an end to this shocking business practice, please sign our Love Stock Hate Waste petition on Change.org today. 

Are you a business owner or CEO who wants to make the pledge? You can do so here instantly.

Our campaign represents our hopes for a more mindful way of living, that puts the needs of our people and planet above profiteering. You can learn more about the Buy Me Once ethos here. As always, thank you for supporting our mission.


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September 11, 2023 — Jasmine Vorley