What are the beloved items our staff uses Christmas after Christmas? The Buy Me Once team tests a lot of products to assess their quality - but some simply become favourites forever.

With the festive season sometimes feeling like a full-scale operation, a little reliability goes a long way. We asked the BMO team what their favourite products are to bring out year after year, for life.

Georgie: the Solidteknics All-In-One Pan

Solidteknics All-In-One Pan

When you’ve got lots of people to feed, this pan is the hero of the hour. It’s both a joy to cook in and a joy to serve up in, making it brilliant for big one-pan feasts for the whole family over Christmas. And honestly, it gets a compliment every single time! It’s already attached to many happy memories, and it’s amazing to know I can rely on it year after year.

Lily: the Denby Cafetière and matching mugs

Denby Studio Blue Cafetiere & Mugs

My all-time favourite mugs and cafetière make my daily coffee moment just that little bit fancier thanks to their beautiful glaze. The generous, almost tankard-like size makes me happy too, particularly on those mornings when a bowl of coffee is what’s needed. At this time of year though, these mugs don’t just bring a smile to my morning rituals; they’re perfect for a little mulled wine too.

Tara: a pack of FixIts


Having two toddlers, who are… let’s say… enthusiastically physical with their toys (and inconsolable when a favourite breaks), FixIt sticks are a bit of a godsend. So many kids' toys are made of plastic, and these things can do repairs where superglue just doesn’t cut it. You simply dunk one in hot water, pinch off what you need and get moulding. Thankfully, they’re non-toxic too.


Marion: the Peugeot pepper grinder

Peugeot Paris Pepper Grinder

My Peugeot Paris pepper grinder. It’s a classic and pretty design that looks great on your dinner table, but it’s also so practical! There’s nothing more frustrating than a pepper grinder that jams at the crucial moment when you’re cooking. This grinder is so reliable that it makes every dish that little bit less stressful.

Jasmine: the Forest & Forge chef’s knife

Forest & Forge Chef's Knife

My weapon of choice this Christmas - and every Christmas - is my beloved Forest & Forge chef’s knife. She’s sturdy enough to slice through massive parsnips, nimble enough to carve up a bird. Her curved profile creates the perfect rocking motion for fast food prep, and she’s easy to sharpen, too. As with all F&F knives, the handle is made from native English wood - in this case, a handsome stripy olive ash.


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December 21, 2023 — Jasmine Vorley