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If you’re anything like me, getting a great night’s sleep is key to feeling energised and waking up fresh the next day. Achieving a peaceful sleep however is another story. The environment has to be perfect: no ticking clocks, a pitch black room, no texts or noises buzzing near my ears. But the most important thing for me personally is bedding. Having comfortable, high-quality bedding is at the heart of building a cosy sanctuary to drift off to sleep.

My university bedding from IKEA became threadbare and barely made it through the washing machine anymore after just 4 years. It just wasn’t up to scratch anymore, the cheaply made fabric feeling rough against my skin after only a few years. As Christmas approached, I thought I’d treat myself and invest in some quality, beautiful bedding. I’d heard such great things about Piglet in Bed, from the cosyness of their bedding and sleepwear to their excellent range of colourways and the versatility of linen year-round - and decided to take the plunge.

Piglet in Bed 100% linen classic white pyjama set

It’s a hard life testing sheets and pjs while working in bed!


From working just a short time at Buy Me Once, I can see how detailed and rigorous our research process actually is.

For a product to make it onto our website, it has to tick off 6 key research pillars

  1. Quality materials - products that are a cut above the rest: durable, resilient.
  2. Outstanding construction - all aspects of construction are considered.
  3. Exceptional aftercare - manufacturers who take product longevity seriously
  4. Timeless design - products which look good, and even improve with age.
  5. Responsibly made - putting the people and planet first.
  6. Innovation - designs that expand a product’s lifespan in new ways.

With this in mind, I had a few preconceptions that this bedding would be worth the investment and bought the classic white bed linen bundle and the white linen pyjamas shorts set (which pair effortlessly together). Piglet in Bed products are more than your average set of bedding or pyjamas, and so to be worth it, I’d say they’d have to live up to their name… 

Here’s my honest, personal experience of Piglet bedding and pyjamas, from snoozing to lounging and everything in between.

Who are Piglet in Bed?

If you’ve been with us for a while now, you will have heard of this bestselling brand. But for those who aren’t familiar, Piglet in Bed creates high-quality sleepwear and homeware, providing low-maintenance basics that make your bedroom a beautiful and cosy space to unwind. Using linen as their core material, they offer a wide range of natural and sustainable home comforts including stone-washed robes, classic pyjamas and bedding.

Piglet in Bed 100% French linen white pyjama classic shorts set

First impressions

To my delight, my Piglet order arrived very swiftly to my house, all boxed up and presented nicely. I couldn’t wait to open it up and try on some fresh new jammies. The linen bedding bundle came neatly tied up with string, like a Christmas present, nesting inside a large drawstring bag. This handy linen bag has many uses and has become my go to for laundry day. It’s also perfect for storing freshly washed bed linen sets in the cupboard, to keep everything neatly organised and ready for its next use. 

When I picked up the bedding set, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the material. Linen felt significantly more heavy than my other cotton bedding, or any bedding I’d owned in fact. And not in a bad way. Because the fibres in linen yarn are much longer and wrapped tighter than cotton yarns, this provides increased weight, strength and durability. I could already tell this bedding was going to be super comfortable to sleep in just from holding it in my hands. Once opened, I washed the pjs and bedding and popped them on my bed, excited to climb into my new sheets and test them out for the first time. After eating too many Boxing Day leftovers, it was time to unwind and I headed for bed. 

Piglet in Bed 100% linen classic white bedding set

After a few nights, it’s safe to say I was feeling refreshed: I’d slept better than I had in quite a while. My first impressions after sleeping in linen was the sheer weight and warmth of the bedding. As it was wintertime, it was pretty chilly in my room at night. However, linen is one of those special materials that has some amazing properties. Unlike my other bedding, this linen duvet cover was notably more supple and enveloped me comfortably, whilst being perfectly weighted to help achieve a more restful night’s sleep. Another thing I noticed was the softness of this material. Piglet pre-wash all their bedding for this very reason, and to ensure it doesn’t shrink or lose its shape after purchasing. Overall, this bedding has gone down a treat and will last me decades of use.

Piglet in Bed white classic bedding set

Piglet in Bed pyjamas review

I hadn’t owned a proper pair of pyjamas in years. Usually, I wear a baggy t-shirt and mismatched pj bottoms that shrink every time I wash them. I felt like I was missing out on a nice matching set I could wear for both lounging and sleeping. A pair of buy-once pyjamas that will actually last. I’d had my eye on the white linen pyjama set for some time, and when they arrived all beautifully packaged, I was not disappointed. 

Piglet in Bed classic white linen pyjama shorts set

These pyjamas are beautifully made, using 100% pure stone-washed linen. When I tried them on, they felt soft yet breathable. This classic white set had a timeless design and relaxed fit, with beautiful navy piping. These jammies were the perfect thing to lounge around in after Christmas - that strange period of time where you don’t know (or really care) what day it is. But I didn’t stop there, three months on and I still find these pjs obsessively comfortable, I can’t stop wearing them. They’re ideal for both lounging and sleeping thanks to their roomy and super-comfy style. I even took them on holiday to Spain, where I wore them for a number of uses, from going to the beach in the pj shorts to relaxing in bed.

So…why linen?

Linen has quickly become one of my favourite things to own and cherish. I’m relatively new to linen, only ever owning one pair of linen trousers in my life. Aside from this, I didn’t know much about this premium material, favoured for its exceptional properties. Here’s some of the reasons linen is so special:

    1. Strength. At Buy Me Once, we champion the longest-lasting things, that’s why we love linen so much. Made from fibres of the flax plant, these fibres are spun into yarn and woven into long sheets of fabric. The result? A super-strong fabric that’s comfortable, soft and much stronger than its cotton counterpart.
    2. Comfort. The hallmark of an excellent sleep. Linen is known for its highly breathable and temperature regulating properties. This means it keeps you warm in winter months and cool in summer, allowing you to sleep quicker, and deeper. As someone who gets easily overheated when sleeping, it’s perfect.
    3. Hypoallergenic. For those who suffer with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, this material is a revelation: thanks to its calming effects on the skin.
    4. Sustainability. We love products that reflect our values of longevity and durability, and Piglet is no exception. Linen is more sustainable than cotton, throughout every step of the manufacturing process. Every part of the flax plant is used in production, so there’s zero wastage involved. Piglet also uses OEKO tex certified linen, meaning no harmful pesticides or substances are involved.
    5. Low-maintenance. There’s something beautiful about the rumpled look of linen. If you dread spending your time ironing, this bedding is ideal for you. And I believe its natural creased look adds to the overall comfort of this material. Plus, linen never pills or bobbles, and is also naturally stain-resistant and anti-bacterial. I’ve found the bedding and pjs to be extremely easy to care for.
    6. Improves with age. Linen has a crisp, ‘fresh sheets’ feel to it, but did you know it actually gets better over time? The more you wash this fabric, the softer and softer it becomes. I noticed this after a few months and it genuinely surprised me. And what’s more, Piglet’s bedding has a timeless aesthetic and an impressive range of colours to suit any bedroom aesthetic. This makes it ideal for anyone trying to discover their true authentic taste, and building a forever home that isn’t based on short-lived trends.

Want to learn more about linen’s impressive properties? Our article delves into why linen is one of our much-loved materials.

So…is Piglet worth it?

For me, Piglet has been worth the upfront cost. Linen is generally more expensive than other similar materials due to its timely manufacturing process. But even so, the quality of the bedding and pjs is like nothing I’ve owned before. I can feel the benefits of this fine material, that gets softer with every wash. 

Piglet in Bed 100% linen midnight stripe bedding

But it’s not just about price. Another thing to think about is the longevity of these two products. Unlike my IKEA bedding which needed replacing after 4 years, both the bedding and pjs are designed with sustainability and longevity in mind, which in turn saves money in the long-term - proving better for the planet.

If you don’t like the naturally rumpled look of linen, this probably isn’t for you. I personally find it beautiful. However some may find they don’t like this look and prefer a different style. 

If so, you may be more suited to a long-lasting material such as organic cotton bedding. Like our range of House Babylon luxury bedding, ethically made with Egyptian cotton.

My final verdict? I genuinely look forward to washing day, when I can put my Piglet bedding back on my bed. I can’t recommend this brand enough. If you’re looking to buy once and buy well, Piglet will help you do just that. 

Unsurprisingly, it turns out I’m not the only one who’s super happy with the investment in Piglet in Bed bedding and pjs. Take a look at some of our five star reviews below:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Beautiful quality! So much so I now will look to refresh all of our bed linen with Piglet”. - Deanna

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  “Lovely product, looks great on my bed, and on my washing line, the air dries it with delicacy…Every night, I get into bed, and I’m surrounded by affordable luxury. Thank you Piglet. You product is beautiful and amazing” - John

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Beautiful pjs! I was so impressed by the quality that I immediately ordered bedding. I know this is a brand I’ll keep coming back and back to. Thanks for making fabulous things.” - BC

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April 05, 2022 — Jemma Sharman