We know the types. Everyone has someone in their life who genuinely doesn't want a gift - because they don’t need anything. Very Practical People get a bit annoyed when you buy them frivolous things, and frankly, we can’t blame them.

The solution? Very Practical People need a Very Practical Gift. Something that’s well-made, built to last and so exceedingly useful that it couldn’t possibly go unused. That’s where we come in. 

Luckily for you, we have a lot of things like that. And don’t worry - we’ve got more than just socks (although we couldn’t help but include them). From quality kitchenware to useful household essentials, our Very Practical Gift List has something for even the most unsentimental people. Read on.

1. A really, really good broom

Daft outdoor garden multipurpose robust broom

The ‘Rolls Royce of brooms’. Handmade in Chesham from FSC beech wood and naturally strong piassava bristles.

That’s right - when we say practical gifts, we really do mean it. But this isn’t your average broom. The Ultimate Garden Broom is a beautifully-crafted bit of kit, and it’s ready to last a lifetime. 

Handmade by master brushmakers in Buckinghamshire, this broom is made of FSC beech, with Brazilian piassava bristles. They’re strong, flexible and highly resistant to water damage. Plus, our customers get a 10 year repair or replace guarantee. Can’t get much more sensible than that.

2. Some everlasting pegs

pincinox stainless steel pegs pack of 20

These sturdy stainless steel pegs are a refreshing antidote to flimsy pegs that snap in your hands.

If there’s one practical gift that’s guaranteed to get used every day, it’s a set of really well-made pegs. And when they look as good as these, they make a surprisingly pleasing present.

These Pincinox stainless steel pegs are made in France, with a one-piece springless design. Whereas cheap plastic pegs degrade under sunlight, heat and frost, causing them to eventually snap, these can be left outside year-round. They even have a lifetime guarantee.

3. An outstanding bin

EKO X Cube Kitchen Bin, 45L

This EKO bin is a refreshing antidote to flimsy mechanisms, annoying push-buttons, eyesores and smells.

In our opinion, there’s no such thing as a gift that’s too practical. You might not think a bin makes a very glamorous gift, but this 45L kitchen bin by EKO might change your mind. It's packed with thoughtful design features and backed by a 10-year warranty.

This bin features a silicone seal to trap odours, a brushed metal exterior with antibacterial coating, a deodoriser compartment and a durable pedal mechanism tested to last over 100,000 times. A brilliant antidote to flimsy bins.

4. A 2-in-1 water bottle and coffee cup

cupple 2 in 1 blush pink coffee cup and water bottle

Using reusable products is very practical indeed. And with the Cupple, you’ll never forget your reusable coffee cup again.

Very Practical People are sure to appreciate the waste that’s saved with reusable products. But although a water bottle is a pretty easy habit to get into, you probably won’t always have a receptacle for a takeaway coffee. That’s where the Cupple comes in.

The Cupple is a combined water bottle and insulated lidded coffee cup that twist together into one. It’s an ingenious concept, one that allows you to stay hydrated on the go and get a spontaneous coffee - all without contributing to single-use plastic waste. Simple, durable and satisfying to use.

5. A gift tin of FixIts

FixIts gift tin

Snapped plastic? Missing part? Frayed cable? These seriously nifty moulding sticks make all kinds of repairs easy.

Practical people will absolutely love FixIts, a nifty Dragon’s Den product that can mend what tape and glue can’t. To use them, simply dunk a stick in boiled water to soften, pinch off what you need and get moulding. 

The non-toxic material hardens in minutes. And if you make a mistake? Just reheat with a hairdryer to soften again. FixIts are infinitely reusable and have no expiry date. They’re also made in the UK and even compostable in your food waste bin.

6. A recycled waterproof jacket

Labo mono bright red waterproof lightweight all weather jacket

A practical jacket for the practical adventurer. Each of these Labo Mono jackets is made of 30 recycled plastic bottles.

You can’t get much more practical than a rain jacket. Our Labo Mono jackets are breathable, robust and built to shrug off a downpour. They’re made of recycled bottles, and use environmentally friendly fluorocarbon-free waterproofing.

Choose from two models: the Urban jacket for moderate rain and everyday walks, or the more advanced Go-Go jacket for torrential rain and high activity. Either one is a Very Practical Jacket for a Very Practical Person. As for the jazzy designs? That’s a risk you’ll have to take.

7. A packable picnic mat

PACMAT packable waterproof lightweight picnic mat with bee print pattern

These waterproof picnic blankets pack down into a tiny stuff bag, making them perfect for taking on hikes and adventures.

Pacmats are miles more practical than carting a big woolly blanket around: they’re waterproof, durable and even machine washable. Their family size blanket weighs just 485g, and packs away into a 15cm stuff bag. The secret? It’s the combination of soft nylon and hardy ripstop fabrics, which are light and tough.

Pacmats are designed and made in Britain, and are durable enough to last forever. Check out the full range - there’s lots of fun patterns and bright colours to choose from, plus plainer options if you think your practical person might get overstimulated.

8. A nesting colander and bowl

Toolbar lifetime guaranteed stainless steel nesting colander and mixing bowl set

The devil’s in the details with this brilliant mixing bowl and colander set. It’s highly versatile and guaranteed for life.

Forget gizmos and gadgets - this is the kind of handy kitchen utensil that works brilliantly, lasts forever and actually gets used every day. Wash your ingredients and nest them in the bowl to drain - there’s a runoff space between the colander and bowl to allow water to drip out.

For even more utility, there’s handy measurements inside the bowl, and a wide spout for pouring. This multifunctional set is made from quality stainless steel, so you know it will last forever. But just in case, it’s got a lifetime guarantee.

9. A super-strong brolly

Blunt durable umbrella in orange colour

Blunt umbrellas are designed to withstand extreme conditions, thanks to a cleverly-engineered design.

We’ve all had our fair share of flimsy umbrellas that get taken out by a single gust of wind. Blunt umbrellas are built different, with a reinforced structure and fully-tensioned canopy. Plus, there’s no poked eyeballs thanks to the iconic blunt tips.

These brollies are tested in extreme winds of over 70mph. And although they’re built to last and last, they’re also designed to be repaired - just in case. Our customers actually get five years of repairs thrown in for free. Choose from the compact Metro model or the full-size Classic.

10. A whetstone

lifetime guaranteed stellar double sided whetstone knife sharpener

This double-sided whetstone is the professional’s choice for keeping all sorts of blades sharp.

Any Very Practical Person will agree - there’s nothing practical about using blunt blades. This silicone carbide sharpening stone makes a great gift, and is covered by a lifetime guarantee. Use it to sharpen up kitchen knives, as well as woodworking and gardening tools.

On one side is a 400 grit stone to remove metal quickly - then on the reverse side, the finer 1000 grit provides a smooth, razor-sharp finish. The whetstone is nested in a rubbery non-slip cradle, for safer, more precise sharpening.

11. A solid iron pan

Solidteknics 26cm seamless wrought iron frying pan

This pan was voted the #1 Best Frying Pan by The Telegraph. It’s indestructible too, with a multi-century warranty.

A Solidteknics pan is always going to be an exceedingly practical purchase. These pans are amazing at searing food - it’s like cooking on a cast iron skillet, but at half the weight. Plus, the more you use them, the more non-stick they get.

The 26cm model is perfect for everyday cooking - and if you reckon your Very Practical Person wants to get cooking straight away, the Quenched model is thoroughly pre-seasoned for convenience. Check out the full Solidteknics range here.

12. Some merino wool socks

Darn Tough seriously tough merino wool hiking soft socks

The most practical socks you can get. Merino socks are strong, sweat-wicking, temperature regulating and antibacterial.

Socks might be a bit of a stereotypically practical gift, but merino socks are pretty special. This soft, non-itchy wool gives our socks some brilliant properties. The merino blend reduces sweating, keeps feet cool in the heat (and warm in the cold) and prevents blisters. They even smell less.

We’ve got merino hiking socks made by two brilliant companies, which both use a similar blend for optimal performance. Darn Tough socks are made in the USA and carry an astonishing lifetime guarantee, whereas Moggans are a little more affordable and made in Europe. We love them both.

13. A safety razor

Shavent zinc reusable steel razor

Why throw away an entire razor when it’s just the blades that wear out? One of these safety razors could be the last one you ever use.

When you realise you’ll only ever need one, a premium safety razor starts looking like an exceedingly economical purchase. Free your Very Practical Person from the faff of overpriced plastic, and give the gift of a comfortable shave.

We’ve got two types to choose from. Our Rockwell razors are a modern version of traditional double-sided safety razors, and our German-made Shavent razors are designed to mimic the shape of the drugstore razors you’re used to.

14. A sturdy lunch box

Elephant Box clip top lunchbox

There’s nothing practical about flimsy lunch boxes. Instead, go for this clip-top lunchbox, made of 100% stainless steel.

A sturdy lunchbox makes a brilliant practical gift, and this clip-top number by Elephant Box is hugely pleasing to use. There’s no plastic in sight - just 100% quality stainless steel. It’s strong enough to last forever, and the innovative clipping system keeps the lid secure. 

Stainless steel is super hygienic, so stains and odours won’t stick around. Want to keep your salad separate from your hummus? This model even comes with a handy snack pod, which you can keep inside or use separately.

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