In the next couple of weeks we'll be sharing some stories from our amazing community of independent brands. We want to showcase how they’ve been staying positive in the past few weeks, as well as tackling the challenges coming their way.

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It’s not been an easy month for Bronwyn Lowenthal, founder and creative director of sustainable fashion brand Lowie. With her two small London boutiques having to shut shop, a halted supply chain and all operations moving to at-home working, this small business has had to adapt, and adapt fast.


We got in touch to find out how she and her team have been rising to the challenge.


“Our two retail stores and I had to transport my office set-up to my house. We stopped all of our Indian and Chinese production and changed our business model to keeping our community, rather than maximising sales. The first week or two I was shellshocked and very anxious, but I’m getting used to it now.”


Despite being far apart, Bronwyn and the Lowie team have meetings over Skype every morning, so they feel like they’re still working together. Her biggest challenge? “I find that keeping motivated during this time, especially since we don’t know how long this ‘time’ will be, is very difficult.” 

With ‘normal life’ being turned upside-down, and people’s priorities changing drastically, Bronwyn also can’t help but reflect upon her own and that of the business.  “Many of the things we considered important before just don’t even register. Is running a sustainable fashion business even important?"


"I hope that this time of letting the earth breathe can continue after the virus has gone away.”

Nevertheless, Bronwyn is still finding joy in the wider community - both locally and in the Lowie sphere. When asked if there have been any unexpected benefits, she responded, “my garden looks great! And I feel like I’m getting to know my neighbours very well. I’ve painted a big rainbow sign and attached it to my back fence facing Brockwell park which I hope is making people happy!”


 Shop Independent


THE Shop Independent COLLECTION 


To keep the community spirit alive, Lowie are also running free virtual crafting workshops every week, which have received rage reviews - from embroidery, to weaving, to darning. You can keep up with their schedule here.


Lowie womenswear represents a love for traditional handicraft techniques, heritage elements, and an unwavering appreciation for the environment. Strong, chic and timeless, all Lowie garments incredibly come with a lifetime of free repairs! You can support Lowie by visiting our Shop Independent collection.

April 24, 2020 — Ben Manassah