We know that there are quite a few brands out there offering sustainable activewear and yoga apparel, but there are very, very few that make their garments from recycled coffee grounds. In a nutshell - or rather, in a coffee bean - this is why we were delighted to discover London-based brand Starseeds.

The beauty of this brand lies in their innovative approach to sustainability combined with exquisite attention to detail. Who knew that blending throwaway coffee grounds with recycled polyester would result in such a sustainable, durable fabric?

When we tested out the Aeropress Leggings we could feel a natural softness and elasticity to the material along with a real robustness you just won't find in purely natural fabrics. We're a big fan of this unique blend of natural and synthetic fibres.Starseeds Spotlight | BuyMeOnce.comThe coffee in the fabric has other benefits too. Natural sweat-wicking and odour-control properties will support you through the sweatiest of workouts, while a natural protection from UV rays will come in handy for those glorious days when your practice takes you outside.

Amazingly, this level of innovation is carried through to each facet of the company. All Starseeds products are designed in London and produced ethically in Portugal, closely overseen by the brands owners. Even Starseeds gift bags are made from a unique blend of recycled paper and almond shells, and the hang tags that arrive on your beautiful, plastic-free package are made from recycled, plantable paper. This is a brand that doesn’t settle for tired techniques; Starseeds will always seek out new, interesting and inspiring ways to make their products superior and their environmental impact lower.

Note: Whilst the coffee fabric is sustainably and responsibly manufactured, recycled artificial fibres can still be harmful to the environment as microfibres escape into our water system through washing. To learn more about the issue and how you can deal with it, check out the page of one of our favourite new products the Guppyfriend Washing Bag.Starseeds Spotlight

Whilst we can all appreciate the beauty of sustainable production and a transparent supply chain, this would mean nothing if the pieces weren’t beautiful too. Thankfully, beautiful they are. Starseeds was founded by Mateauz and Natalia Zawada, and Natalia’s background in fashion design is clear to see. Starseeds garments feature striking design elements that are all at once beautifully simple, functional and meticulously implemented. No opportunity for ergonomic design is wasted; the unique cross back design of the Ristretto Bra Top is chic and modern whilst providing additional support and flexibility of movement.

Starseeds Spotlight

Starseeds pride themselves on ‘urban-to-workout’ pieces. Although the pieces are designed with yoga and lounging in mind, they are also intended to be styled alongside your other wardrobe favourites as part of a well-loved, versatile wardrobe.

Functional durability is important, but we think it's even more important to have clothing you love that makes your life easier. Since testing the Aeropress Leggings we can attest that here is a garment you can grab in a just-rolled-out-of-bed panic whether you’re headed for the yoga studio, your morning run, a coffee date with friends or even just lounging at home. 

Starseeds doesn’t take the easy route; they seek out interesting, innovative ways to make their product superior and their environmental impact minimal, and we’re proud to support their efforts.

May 01, 2018 — Georgie Crosswell
Tags: fashion