Davy J has found a unique way to tackle ocean pollution with their range of beautiful, eco friendly swimwear that is made from regenerated ghost fishing nets and designed to take a beating. Founder Helen Newcombe recently won Women of the Future Entrepreneur Award 2017 and it’s not hard to see why, especially when you look at the astonishingly fresh approach to resources, materials and environmental impact that Davy J has taken. Exceptional business model aside, we were very impressed with Davy J swimsuits. Here’s why.  

How They’re Made

Davy J go one step further than using eco-friendly materials and processes by going right to the heart of the issue and starting there. The Waste Collection consciously rethinks the way we use resources, and as well as some stunning designs offers up a tantalising vision of a circular future.

Almost one tenth of the the litter polluting our oceans and endangering marine life comes from nylon fishing nets, with around 640,000 tons of nets being dumped each year. Davy J takes this nylon and regenerates it into long-lasting yarn. The best part? The nylon can be regenerated again and again. In fact, Davy J do their utmost to make sure this happens, encouraging you to send back your suit at the end of its life to be responsibly disposed of or repurposed.

It’s refreshing to find a brand taking such full, unwavering responsibility for the garments they’ve produced, and we hope to find many more picking up the baton in the future. But what about the suits themselves?

How They Feel

Here in the BMO office we’ve taken a look at The Little Black Cossie, and the first notable thing is that the fit is extremely snug. I personally experienced a moment of panic whilst pulling it up that I had the wrong size, but this lasted for only a brief moment before realising that this is just one incredibly secure feeling swimsuit.

This is unsurprising considering the meticulous construction and materials. The regenerated nylon fabric is inherently durable anyway, but then it’s also double lined and finished off with reinforced seams. This is a suit you can feel confident won’t be getting thin, sad patches wearing away at the bum or seams that unravel any time soon. Everything is held in exactly the right place and going nowhere. You feel like you could do just about anything in it including running (which, as bigger chested ladies will testify, is not something a swimsuit can usually accomodate.)

Strong, Sustainable Swimsuits Made from Marine Waste | BuyMeOnce.com

Though the strength of the fabric feels great, this does mean you should carefully consult the Davy J sizing guide before purchasing. The black fabric has the firmest hold and is very flattering in the cossie, but for those of us with beautiful curves that are heavier either on top or below it may be better to go for the crop top and briefs combo. Ordering up or down a size could help keep your suit secure and supportive rather than uncomfortable; the waistband of the briefs is extra tight to make sure they stay on in the waves, and the crop offers a little more security than the bikini for keeping the girls in check. It’s always worth taking a little extra time to work out the fit that will best support you and your body. The reward? Swimwear you can look and feel fabulous in for years to come.

Surprisingly for how sporty the suit feels, it’s also very elegant. The neckline is a low, square scoop that skims the top of the chest, and the cross-back sits just on the lower back, a supportive yet stylish feature that leaves your back muscles unrestricted whilst giving you a beautiful, streamlined shape. Overall, the suit makes you feel strong, supported and stylish - and what more could you really want?

July 09, 2018 — Georgie Crosswell
Tags: fashion