Ten Things That Last is a little different from the sales you might have seen before. We’ve pre-empted some questions that you might have about how it all works.

What is Ten Things That Last?

We wanted to do sales differently to everyone else this year. We offered our customers the chance to vote on what products you actually want, instead of discounting what you don’t.

Now, we're be offering those products to you. Ten days. Ten offers. Each day one of these long-lasting items will be discounted for 24 hours, from November 20th-29th.

When will you discount what I voted for?

Each daily offer will be announced in the morning via email, our social channels and on our site. We’re discounting only the top-voted products from our poll - but you’ll have to find out what they are!

How long is each discount for?

Each discount will run for 24 hours, from 8am until 8am. 

If I missed the sale, can I still buy the product at a discounted rate?

Each of our Ten deals will run for one day only - when they’re gone, they’re gone! Keep your eyes peeled, and make sure you’ve signed up to our mailing list so that you can get updates before anyone else.

Why don’t you offer your whole range?

Our poll consists of a selection of our bestsellers and products most loved by our customers. Some of the brands we work with honourably do not believe in discounting their products as a flat rule - which we respect completely. 

Can products be sent outside of the UK?

We've been working hard to get shipping options in place for our international customers in the wake of Brexit. We are now able to ship many of our products to most European countries. Check the 'Shipping & Returns' tab on each of our Ten Things to see whether we can ship to you.

November 12, 2021 — Jasmine Vorley