We spend a healthy chunk of our lives in the kitchen. Whether we’re pouring a glass of wine after a trying day, catching up with friends and family over a family favourite dish, or cleaning up sticky messes from a weekend bake with the kids; the kitchen is a universal area of joy.

Despite how you’re feeling from one day to the next, your kitchenware should remain a haven within your home. A kitchen should be filled with long-lasting, durable products that withstand rigorous daily use and are robust enough to pass on to the next generation too. Whether you are an amateur cook or professional baker, we at Buy Me Once feel these products will serve you (and your children) for many years to come. 

To us, average doesn’t cut it.

We seek out only the toughest materials and intuitively ergonomic designs, to bring you products you’ll reach for day after day for years to come. Our trusted and durable kitchenware products are rigorously tried and tested with durability in mind. What’s more, we provide detailed care instructions on our product pages, to ensure your product stands the test of time.

Skeppshult Pepper Grinder.

Skeppshult Pepper Grinder

Satisfyingly heavy, simple mechanism, everlasting durability. Handmade by true Swedish iron masters in their namesake town of Skeppshult, this kitchenware range provides a truly satisfying cooking experience time and time again. The ingeniously simple iron mechanism crushes peppercorns effortlessly.

Solidteknics Seamless Iron Frying Pan.

Solidteknics Seamless Iron Frying Pan

Made of seamless wrought iron for strength and performance, Solidteknics pans are extremely durable. Half the weight of cast iron, this pan is an everyday kitchen workhorse, and versatile all-rounder. These pans cook and season like a cast iron pan, but are half the weight: a kitchen staple to be passed on through generations.⁠ 

Saveur Tri-ply Saucepan.

Saveur Tri-Play Saucepan

This stainless steel saucepan is a beautifully-designed everyday kitchen companion. With tri-ply construction throughout for even heating, it offers a superior cooking experience. Using their decades of experience in the food industry and working with top cookware designers, SAVEUR developed practical, innovative kitchen tools that any chef would delight in using. 

Mermaid Silver Adonised Aluminium Baking Tray.

Mermaid Adonised Baking Trays

Made from highly conductive aluminium, Birmingham-based Mermaid bakeware has an anodised coating that will never peel. This lightweight, yet highly robust baking tray has an aluminium core for excellent heat distribution. Ditch your flaky non-stick trays, and invest in durable British-made products you’ll reach for on the daily. 

Knives - Forest and Forge & Füri

Forest & Forge, Furi

Representing British knifemaking, our Forest & Forge knives are crafted in Sheffield, England’s steel capital. Crafted from a range of native English woods, these knives are all everyday kitchen staples - each one coming complete with a lifetime guarantee. These blades are forged from materials selected for optimum hardness and longevity - keeping the knife’s sharp edge for longer. 

We’re spoilt for choice with fantastic knife brands. When it comes to knife design, Füri put science and innovation first (which makes sense, as they hail from the founder of our beloved Solidteknics too). Combining the best elements of Western and Asian knife styles, a Füri offers both out-of-the-box sharpness and a hard wearing build. Add a 25 year guarantee, and you have kitchen blades trusted by professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Microplane Professional Stainless Steel Grater.

Microplane Graters

There’s a reason Microplane graters are the professional’s choice. Their blades are photo-etched, making them razor-sharp. Made from surgical grade steel with an ergonomic design, These razorlike teeth cut ingredients with clean precision, rather than tearing or shredding. Originally developed as a woodworking tool, these super-durable blades stay sharp year after year.

Peugeot Salt & Pepper Mills.

Peugeot Salt & Pepper Mills

Long before Peugeot made cars, they made pepper mills. These iconic kitchen workhorses are made from sustainably sourced beech wood with an adjustable, helix-shaped steel mechanism for a lifetime of perfectly ground salt. ⁠The very same mechanism as used since 1874 - is said to be impossible to wear out. Peugeot’s mills are regarded as the best in the world.

GT Woodshop Chopping Boards.

GT Woodshop Chopping Boards

These Cornish handmade chopping boards have an end grain structure, which not only makes them ultra-strong, but keeps your knives in top condition too. Cuts to the board even ‘heal’ up when dampened, as the grain swells a little to repair itself. Thick, durable and beautiful, these chopping boards have been made to last a lifetime and more.

Bamix Classic Handheld Food Processor.

Bamix Food Mixer

First sold in 1954, the brilliance of the Swiss-made Bamix is its versatility. Dubbed the ‘kitchen robot’ and beloved by chefs, this nifty handheld appliance helps you cut down on gizmos and gadgets by excelling at a wide range of food prep. Each one is covered by an outstanding lifetime guarantee on the motor. 

Dualit Toaster and Kettle Duo.

Dualit Toaster Kettle Duo

Dualit products are a true testament to British engineering. Their award-winning toasters and kettles have been domestic kitchen staples since the 1970s. Dualit goods are fully repairable, with each part designed to be disassembled and replaced. And if that wasn’t enough, the kettle’s Whisper Boil™ drastically reduces unwanted boiling noise.

Pincinox Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs.

Pincinox Steel Pegs

With their ergonomic design and lifetime guarantee against rust, these versatile pegs are a household saviour that will genuinely last a lifetime. Lovingly handmade in France since 1970, as a solution to weak wooden pegs. The pegs are invaluable around the house for whatever use you can think of - especially handy in the kitchen for resealing opened packets!

Black & Blum Lunch Boxes.

Black & Blum Lunch Box

These reusable stainless steel lunch boxes are ready to take on a lifetime of use. Each one is made from sustainable and food-safe materials, offering practical everyday solutions you can trust. Black & Blum is a climate neutral certified business, and donates a portion of profits to eco charities. Robust, functional and 100% leak proof, these lunch boxes are the last you’ll ever need.

Hungry for more? Check out our full kitchenware range to find your lifelong kitchen companions. 

February 23, 2022 — Catherine McKay