Father’s Day is just around the corner. If your dad is anything like mine, there’s nothing he’d like less than a novelty gift that was bought just for the sake of it. Even worse if it’s themed around golf, football or beer. 

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show your dad just how much he means to you - and as with all gift-giving, that means demonstrating you actually know the recipient. If you’re struggling with a gift idea, a great bet is to opt for things that are practical, well-made and useful.

Maybe you’re not buying for your dad - perhaps you’re celebrating your father-in-law, grandfather, uncle, or simply someone who helped make you the person you are today. Maybe you’re buying for a new dad.

No matter who you want to treat this Father’s Day, give them something a little different. Here’s this year’s guide to our top twelve long-lasting, thoughtful and unique father’s day gifts - for all budgets. Cheers to that.

1. The ultimate garden broom, £65.

Daft long-lasting outdoor broom

Perfect for dads who love pottering in the garden or keeping a spotless patio. Dubbed the ‘Rolls Royce of brooms’, this British-made broom makes a luxurious, yet practical gift. Handcrafted from FSC beech wood and with sturdy piassava fibre bristles, it even carries a 10 year guarantee - exclusive to our customers.

2. Lifetime guaranteed socks, from £23.

Daft lifetime guaranteed hiking blacksocks

Socks he’ll actually be pleased to receive! Warm, comfy and odour resistant, Darn Tough make Merino wool socks both for hiking and everyday wear. Their astonishing no-quibble lifetime guarantee means that you can get free replacements, forever - simply send back any holey socks for a new pair. Made by a family company in Vermont, USA.

3. A portable fire pit, from £155.

Firewok portable fire pit

If you’re splashing out this year, you can’t do much better than this ingeniously simple bit of outdoor kit. Suspended on three removable legs, these Firewoks can safely house a fire anywhere without damaging grass. Handmade in Bristol, using locally-sourced recycled stainless steel. Perfect for camping, road trips and the back garden.

4. A lifetime safety razor, £35.

Rockwell quality stainless steel razor and razor blades

Your dad has probably spent thousands on disposable razors over his lifetime. Get him out of the cycle with this smart double-sided safety razor by Rockwell, perfect for a first-timer. If you really want to splash out, their lifetime-guaranteed 6S model has a stainless steel construction with six settings. Oh, and don’t forget extra blades.

5. Our bestselling iron pan, £139.90.

Solidteknics cast iron lifetime guaranteed wrought iron pan

What better gift for a foodie than a pan they’ll have for the rest of their lives? These pans by Solidteknics are made from one seamless piece of iron, and offer incredible performance and durability. The more you cook with them, the better the natural non-stick gets. And to top it all off, each one comes with a multi-century warranty.

6. A super-strong brolly, £70.

Blunt long-lasting smart strong umbrella

Providing unparalleled strength and performance, these umbrellas by Blunt make great gifts. With their signature Blunt tips and fully tensioned canopy, they can hold up against seriously wild wind conditions. They even come with 5 years of free repairs. Available in the compact Metro size or full-sized Classic, in various colours.

7. A hand-operated espresso press, £189.

Rok manual coffee espresso maker

A brilliant gift for coffee lovers - requiring no electricity or pods, this small and silent espresso press just needs a little elbow grease to make true barista-quality espresso. Available in chrome or black. Would you dad enjoy grinding his own coffee too? ROK also make a seriously solid coffee grinder.

8. A beautiful British-made knife, from £90.

Forest and Forge durable high quality knives

Representing the best of British knifemaking, our range of Forest & Forge knives are crafted from top-quality steel and a range of native Yorkshire hardwoods. From cherrywood paring knives to olive ash chef’s knives, each one is unique. All made to last in Sheffield, and carrying a lifetime guarantee.

9. A new favourite mug, £15.

Denby ceramic glazed halo speckle mug set

This unique Halo mug by Denby makes a morning cuppa something a little special. Crafted in Derbyshire and carrying a 10 year guarantee, they’re made from a highly robust stoneware ceramic. Say goodbye to tacky, chipped mugs - and get dad his new favourite.

10. A cast iron griddle, £77.99.

Emba cast iron double sided griddle

This double-sided griddle by Emba may look like a specialist item, but it’s actually incredibly versatile. On one side, extra deep ridges let you char meat and veg like a pro. On the other, a smooth, naturally non-stick flat plate is perfect for pancakes, fried eggs and bacon. UK-made from recycled iron, with a lifetime guarantee.

11. A wallet made from recycled fire hoses, £75.

 Elvis and Kresse reclaimed firehose wallet

Give a gift with a story with this unique wallet by Elvis & Kresse. Handmade in Kent from decommissioned fire hoses from British fire brigades, each one is lined with recycled parachute silk. 50% of Elvis & Kresse profits are donated to charities such as The Fire Fighters Charity. Available with a coin pocket, or without.

12. A weighty Swedish pepper grinder, £85.

Skeppshult cast iron grinder with walnut lid

With a cast iron body and walnut wood top, these hefty pepper grinders by Swedish iron masters Skeppshult are a customer favourite. The ingeniously simple mechanism crushes peppercorns effortlessly, and will last for generations. Solid and elegant, it’s the perfect gift for any foodie.

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May 24, 2022 — Jasmine Vorley