Leaks from the usually highly secretive tech giant have the environmental community excited! The new iPhone tipped to launch in 2020/21 is a complete overhaul of traditional design.

No longer will we have to replace our phones every couple of years as Apple has something truly future-proof up its sleeve. Could this be the first iPhone worthy of the BuyMeOnce badge?

The Everlasting Phone Features

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Space to Spare

In the past, phones have slowed down as we are forced to upload new operating systems. The new “iPhone Hydra”, named apparently after an immortal aquatic animal which constantly regenerates, will be different. The modular design allows for easy upgrades of both space and processing speed. You can even upgrade the camera, meaning no need for a whole new phone. They may have got inspiration from the Fairphone who pioneered this approach.


apple plan eco everlasting iphone|Buymeonce.com

Batteries Included

The battery in an iPhone is usually the first thing to cause trouble. At the moment, a battery upgrade at an Apple shop costs a whopping £65, meaning that many are tempted simply to trade their phone in for the next model. Hydra’s batteries are not only far more resistant to deterioration it will be easily changeable and recyclable with a free-post envelope to recycle your old battery arriving with the purchase of any new one.  


apple plan eco everlasting iphone|Buymeonce.com

Waterproof and Shatterproof (unlike last time)

Apple made some bold claims about their latest phones, iPhone X and X Max being “The strongest glass ever” but customers soon complained that the glass was still very susceptible to breaking and the price for repairs for both back and front glass was astronomical!

With Hydra, the protective accessories we are usually forced to buy separately and change with every new phone are inbuilt in the frame design. Shock absorption, a protective screen coating and easy home repair come as standard.

The phone is also Waterproof to “oops I scuba dived with my iPhone” level.

apple plan eco everlasting iphone|Buymeonce.com

Here Comes the Sun

Solar panels on the back mean you never have to deal with battery anxiety or buy another soon-frayed charging cable ever again. Half an hour on a windowsill or just two minutes in Donald Trump’s sunbed is enough for a full charge.


apple plan eco everlasting iphone|Buymeonce.com

My Precious Metals

Most impressively, this phone will use precious metals and materials that have been reclaimed from old iPhones.

Tim Cook himself will come to your house and collect your old iPhone 4 from your bedside drawer and Tim Apple, the fictional Apple CEO that Donald Trump has made up, will have the job of going to all the trash heaps of the world and rescuing the discarded phones (One billion sold since 2007) from the potato peelings and dirty diapers.


apple plan eco everlasting iphone|Buymeonce.com


If only this could happen! Sadly we are still in the world of £65 battery upgrades and planned obsolescence.  

We are all the April Fools if we don’t demand change in the way companies make products and dispose of them.

Share this article if you believe that Apple and other tech companies need to do more to tackle the millions of tons of waste (over 1000 Titanic’s worth) they produce every year.

apple plan eco everlasting iphone|Buymeonce.com


April 01, 2019 — Tara Button