Easter conjures up thoughts of Easter bunnies, mounds of chocolate, plastic eggs filled with plastic toys, and social gatherings. We love Easter and the celebrations that come with it, whether rooted in religion or just a chance to hang out with loved ones in the spring sunshine. However, Easter is now also associated with over consumption of the material kind. Children are linking Easter with excess consumption of chocolate and toys, and as written by our founder Tara Button, companies are turning children into new consumers with the advertising industry spending $17 billion to target them alone.

Yet we still love to take a break this Easter and reflect on the upcoming year and enjoy the company of loved ones, albeit in a less wasteful setting. Whether you’re celebrating Easter this year with family, friends, or both, we have some handy solutions in ensuring that your Easter gathering is as zero waste as possible.

For the children

A zero waste Easter egg hunt is completely doable! Search local thrift shops or ask friends or family members for baskets that can be borrowed or reused after the festivities. Instead of buying plastic grass to line the baskets, opt for shredded paper or tissue paper that can be reused again. We’re also huge advocates of ditching the plastic eggs and going for real hard boiled eggs or responsibly sourced wooden eggs that will see you through future Easter festivities. With a little planning and researching, dyeing eggs using natural vegetable dye is a better alternative than paint kits, which may contain harmful toxins and fumes. Fill your wooden eggs up with non-plastic presents or even edibles such as trail mixes or candy purchased in bulk.  

How to Throw a Zero Waste Easter | buymeonce.com

If you’re giving out chocolate eggs, opt for chocolates wrapped in foil instead of plastic packaging, as aluminum foil is recyclable. Just make sure to shake off any residual chocolate crumbs and wrap them all up in a ball before including them in your weekly recycling!  

If giving presents is part of your Easter tradition, we have a selection of tried and tested items that won’t break anytime soon. Small items such as Sprout Growing pencils tie in well with the idea of spring and new beginnings, or if you’re going big, this bike by Wishbone Design will see them throughout their formative years.

For the adults

Holding a gathering? We’re all up for ditching the single-use plastic cups and plates and using real glassware, cutlery and crockery. Duralex wine glasses and tumblers are a BuyMeOnce brand through and through, as they’re smash-resistant, making them great for entertaining.  If they do meet their end, they shatter safely, leaving no jagged edges that will endanger children and pets.

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Using real cutlery such as Robert Welch is a better alternative than plastic forks and knives, and if possible, use cloth napkins instead of disposable ones. There are even tutorials on how to fold a bunny napkin online. Go for reusable straws such as this silicone one and this aluminum one, or just skip them altogether!

How to Throw a Zero Waste Easter | buymeonce.com

Serve your spread out on washable plates and dishes and forgo the tin trays if possible. Our range of tableware here has all our tried and tested brands such as Denby, Duralex and Schott Zwiesel. If you do eventually end up with yummy leftovers and would like your guests to bring them home, look for containers you may have lying around the house or do ask your guests beforehand to bring one. Move away from unnecessary cling wrap and use beeswax wraps instead, which are reusable and even smell great!  

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Look no further than your backyard for Easter decorations! Spring foliage and fresh flowers make a nice addition to any Easter setting. Just make sure to compost them afterwards. If you’re using hard boiled eggs for your Easter egg hunt or just as decorations, their shells are fully compostable too!

How to Throw a Zero Waste Easter | buymeonce.com

If you’re travelling out of town this Easter, we have written a zero waste guide on how to avoid the most common travelling pitfalls. We also have a myriad of zero waste articles for you to check for every single occasion you can think of!


Jana Pleyto now lives in New York, but before that, she grew up in minimalistic, sustainable households in Melbourne and London. 'Mindful curation' may not have been a phrase then but it turns out she’s been living it all her life! She loves her KeepCup, GIR tools and Swedish Stockings, and she is Head of Brand Operations for BuyMeOnce USA.

March 29, 2019 — Jana Pleyto