It’s not easy to harness the power of smoke and flames in cooking. Whereas a stovetop delivers consistent heat that you can control with the turn of a dial, searing your food over an open fire can be a gamble. It feels positively primitive, not to mention very exciting. 

Cooking with fire delivers flavour you simply can’t get from a hob. Consider flame-grilled lamb skewers, charred peppers, smoky aubergines and barbecued steaks. Cooking virtually anything over hot coals is a surefire way to take its flavour to the next level.

 Solidteknics Barbecue Pan

Does it get any better than flame-seared steak?

This magic is what inspired the latest innovation from Australian cookware engineers Solidteknics, makers of the toughest and best-performing pans we’ve ever seen (and equally loved by our customers). Whilst you may be familiar with their classic frying pans, the Solidteknics Barbecue Pan (otherwise known as a flaming skillet) features CNC-milled perforations in its base to let smoke and flames penetrate food. It’s the ultimate tool for capturing smoky flavour.


Solidteknics Flaming Skillet Barbecue Pan

Made in Australia from wrought iron - seasons and cooks like cast iron, but at half the weight.


Whereas regular pans can warp when placed over a fierce open heat source (such as a woodchip or coal fire) this is where the barbecue pan is in its element. Made from robust 3mm wrought iron, it makes the perfect searing surface. You can chuck it straight onto the coals, or for optimum heat, hold the pan a couple of inches above the fire. Just make sure to get it nice and hot before adding food, and rest assured the ingenious vented handle will stay cool.


Solidteknics Barbecue Pan and 26cm Frying Pan

Nest the Solidteknics Barbecue Pan into the 26cm Frying Pan to catch juices and transfer to the oven.

The barbecue pan nests perfectly into our bestselling Solidteknics 26cm seamless frying pan. So for large pieces of meat such as thick ribeye steaks or chicken legs, you can sear the meat over a fire, before placing the two pans together to finish cooking in an oven. The perforations also let resting juices drain away from the meat without being lost.


Solidteknics Flaming Skillet

Items that would fall through a barbecue's wire rack can be cooked safely and easily in this pan.

Whilst this pan may appear to be a specialist’s tool, it’s actually surprisingly versatile. Even if you don’t find yourself cooking on an open fire too often, it makes a perfect addition to any regular barbecue - simply place it on top and allow it to heat up. Because the holes in the bottom of the pan are smaller than the gaps in a normal wire rack, you can safely cook small food items such as prawns, mushrooms and asparagus without worrying about losing them to the coals below. 


Solidteknics Barbecue Pan

Tougher than your average pan! The wrought iron can be placed directly onto hot coals or into flames.

Delicate items such as fish can also be cooked much more easily - and fish is undoubtedly one of the most underrated barbecue foods out there. Whilst we all love a sausage and a burger, every once in a while why not treat yourself to a next-level barbecue with steak, lamb or a side of salmon? This is where that delicious smoky aroma really makes a difference.

Furthermore, the barbecue pan works great over a regular gas stove - ideal for charring peppers and aubergines in the kitchen. Babaganoush anyone?


Solidteknics Barbecue Aubergines

Think beyond meat - smoke and fire impart amazing flavour onto vegetables too.

Like all Solidteknics pans, the barbecue pan is a lifetime investment (and then some) coming complete with a multi-century warranty. Each one is engraved with the month and year of its manufacture, so that future generations using it can see when it was made. Make the most of summers present and future, and harness the magic of open fire cooking!



August 07, 2020 — Jasmine Vorley