Each of our fantastic Solidteknics seamless iron pans is the epitome of a Buy Me Once product. Every aspect of the design, materials and construction has been carefully considered, combining performance and strength to make it one of the best frying pans on the market.

Lots of our wonderful customers have taken the time to leave reviews of these pans. We thought we'd share some of the things they've told us about why they love this durable product: 

1. Half the weight of regular cast iron pans

Instead of heavy cast iron, Solidteknics AUS-ION™ pans are made of stronger wrought iron, offering the same functionality but with much less material. These thinner and lighter pans are far more user-friendly, changing the classic skillet. But don’t be fooled, these pans are still heavy duty. 


2. Multi-century warranty

We’re no strangers to lifetime guarantees, but Solidteknics go the extra mile - these pans are covered by an incredible multi-century warranty. We've never seen anything like it, which makes it a great indicator of a company that has ultimate confidence in their product. In fact, every pan is engraved with its date of manufacture as a record for future generations who will keep on using it!

3. Seamless design

Made from one seamless piece of low-carbon wrought iron, these pans are incredibly strong and have no rivets to come loose or collect grime. The long, ergonomic handle stays cool due to the venting holes, minimising the risk of burned hands.


4. A healthy, renewable non-stick 

Even with careful use, synthetic non-stick coatings like Teflon eventually degrade, resulting in questionable substances being ingested and a pan that’s destined for the bin. Seasoning iron is a simple process which involves baking on layers of oil, which polymerises them into a shiny black coating. It’s a non-toxic and renewable non-stick you build yourself!

5. Easy to clean 

Once well-seasoned, an iron pan is actually very low-maintenance and won't take much elbow grease to clean. This is because the quality of the natural non-stick seasoning is such that the toughest and grimiest stains will come off quickly. This is of course assuming you clean it shortly after you've finished cooking. 


6. Chosen by chefs around the world

As soon as Solidteknics appeared on the market, top chefs quickly realised that this Australian company had revolutionised cookware. Their pans are more durable and perform better than riveted steel pans, whilst being lighter and stronger than cast iron. They're sold all around the world, but Buy Me Once is the exclusive seller in the UK. In fact, one of our customers verified the sturdiness of the pan through her husband, who happens to be a blacksmith! Amazing. 


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August 03, 2020 — Ben Manassah