When it comes to tackling throwaway culture, bringing high quality, long lasting items into your life is only half the battle. Looking after those items properly is just as important, and that bit is entirely up to you. It seems like on average people are becoming less and less aware of basic ways to properly repair and maintain their possessions, but we believe that the key to a less throwaway world - and to a happier, healthier relationship with “stuff” - is to promote a culture of caring, both about the environment and the things we own.

This article is all about jewellery. Whilst fine jewellery can be a wonderful investment to pass down to your grandchildren, it will only make it that far if you take basic steps to care and maintain it in the meantime. Below is a roundup of some basic ways to care for fine jewellery, from cleaning and storing to avoiding loss (because nobody wants to have to break it to grandma that you lost her mother’s necklace.)

Avoid Chemicals like the Plague

Life is too short to remove jewellery every time you clean the house or get ready to go out, but try to be hyper aware of where you’re spraying the lotions and potions you use in daily life. Any chemical product will reduce the surface appearance of precious metals over time, so aim sprays and perfumes away from necklaces, take rings off for hand or body lotion application, and invest in some decent gloves for cleaning (something your skin will thank you for as well.)

Chlorine is one of the biggest jewellery killers, so try not to take your jewels swimming with you. Pop them inside a small, zipped purse compartment to avoid the obligatory panic attack later on.

Care 101: Easy Tips For Keeping your Jewellery Heirloom | BuyMeOnce.com

Keep Cleaning Simple

As stated above your jewels do not like harsh chemicals, but they do like gentle love and care. The best way to clean fine jewellery is to mix a few drops of mild soap, like our favourite organic and super gentle Dr Bronner’s castile soap, with warm water in a bowl. The bowl is crucial - cleaning delicate jewellery anywhere near a plug hole is just begging for trouble.

Leave your pieces to soak for five to ten minutes to loosen any dirt clogging up the holes, and then use a soft cloth to wipe the surfaces. For getting into all the cracks and crevices a soft bristled toothbrush like this one by Georganics does the job admirably. Finally, gently buff the surfaces with a dry cloth to improve the appearance of any dull or tarnished looking pieces. This process can be done every few weeks, but taking your jewellery to be professionally cleaned about once a year will ensure it stays in best condition for as long as possible.

Care 101: Easy Tips For Keeping your Jewellery Heirloom | BuyMeOnce.com

Take Steps to Avoid Loss, Now

Beating yourself up too much once something is lost is pointless, but you’ll feel much better if you know you did all you could to prevent it. If a ring feels loose, get it resized immediately. If a clasp feels weak, look into getting it replaced before the damage is done. For earrings, we’ve recently fallen in love with Chrysmela patented earring backs which carefully lock your earrings in place and prevent them sliding off if one gets caught on your jumper. 

Tossing and turning all night with jewellery still on increases your chances of loss or damage caused by snagging, so make it part of your evening ritual to take your precious pieces off and put them back on in the morning. This also means you can deal with all perfumes, lotions and creams while your jewellery is safely off your body.

Make sure you have a few dedicated spots for putting jewellery when it’s not on your body, because taking things off and putting them somewhere “just for a second” can lead to disaster. This could be a pretty bowl next to the nightstand, or a secure compartment in your wallet for when you’re out and about.

Care 101: Easy Tips For Keeping your Jewellery Heirloom | BuyMeOnce.com

Don’t Let Them Rot in a Drawer

After you’ve taken as many steps as you can to avoid loss, take them out into the world and let them shine. For silver items, like our gorgeous Mosami recycled silver collection, the best way to keep them in good condition is actually to wear them as much as possible, as the friction from handling prevents oxidation. That’s the kind of easy maintenance we like!

For pieces you do need to store, make sure they are kept as separately as possible and away from damp, direct sunlight, and extreme heat or cold. You could wrap precious items in small pieces of soft cotton to help keep them away from damaging dust and moisture particles.

Whilst arguably jewellery is more likely to get damaged the more you wear it, if you can’t wear and enjoy the beautiful items in your life what’s the point? Plus, the more you’ve worn and loved an heirloom piece, the more personal and beautiful a gift it will be when you get to pass it down one day.

Care 101: Easy Tips For Keeping your Jewellery Heirloom | BuyMeOnce.com

February 18, 2019 — Georgie Crosswell