We spend half our lives in bed, so why neglect the night when it comes to bringing beautiful, well-made products into our lives? In today’s fast paced world it’s more important than ever to make sure we are taking the time to properly wind down, relax and recharge our brains in order to tackle the busy waking hours.

Things you can do to promote a good night’s sleep include ditching screens and electronics at least an hour before bed, trying to wake at the same time every morning to help regulate your body clock, and making sure the days worries and to-do lists are mentally filed away before hitting the hay. We think it’s also incredibly important to make sure your bedroom is a cosy, clean and uncluttered space that your brain can associate with relaxation (that means no checking emails in bed!) full of quality bedding and pyjamas.

This article contains the most sustainable and long lasting products we’ve found to help promote a cosy, comfortable bedtime. Whether that is super soft and sustainable sleepwear, or items to making your bedroom a cosy nest, you won’t be able to wait to crawl into bed.


  1. White T-Shirt Co. Organic Cotton Nightie


What better fabric to snuggle down in than breathable and super soft organic cotton? The White T-Shirt Co. began with the ethos of creating basics that were the best they could be in terms of ethics and construction, so we were delighted to discover this super soft, slouchy and minimal nightie.

  1.  White T-Shirt Co. Organic Cotton Sleep Shorts

These sleep shorts for men are just as beautiful quality as their nightie. Pair with a round neck, relaxed tee for a pyjama set you won’t want to take off.

  1.  Ama Ella Pyjama Set

For pyjamas that are a bit more fun and flirty, we love this set from sustainable lingerie brand AmaElla. Made with an organic cotton voile fabric enhanced with navy velvet and lace detailing, we think you’ll be hard pressed to find prettier pjs.

  1. Organic Basics Boxers and Briefs

If sleeping in underwear is more your thing, look no further than Organic Basics. This brand make beautiful and ethical organic cotton underwear that is designed to last longer. Check out these men’s boxers and ladies briefs.


  1. Celtic & Co. Sheepskin Slippers

These cosy slippers are made using sheepskin that is a by-product of the farming industry that would otherwise go to landfill. Beautifully durable and luxuriously soft, these are slippers that won’t fall apart after a year. They’re available in a wide range of gorgeous, soft tone colours for both men and women. They also come with a tough sole so you can take them outside if need be.

  1. Tengri Ribbed Bed Socks

This brand is possibly the most sustainable model that exists and is also incredibly luxurious. The brand sustains the ancient tradition of Mongolian yak farming, exquisitely crafted using a practice perfected over thousands of years. Undyed, supersoft, ultra natural.

  1.  Coyuchi Cloud Loom Bath Robe

It’s hard to find a company more ethical and sustainable than Coyuchi. The Cloud Loom bathrobe is as good as its name; a super soft and cosy robe that you can feel great about owning.

  1.  Luks Linen Organic Cotton Robe

These unisex robes by Luks Linen come with a twenty year guarantee and are handwoven from soft organic Turkish cotton. We love the timeless colours and patterns too - you won’t be embarrassed taking the bins out wearing one of these.

For a Cosy Bedroom

  1.  Finlayson Jesus Bed Linen

This bed linen is made from beautiful linen flax and comes with an astounding 50 year warranty. Even the care labels are embroidered onto the fabric so they can never fade! You’ll never need to buy bedding again, and the soft neutral colours of natural linen are perfect for a bedroom.

  1. Celtic & Co. Sheepskin Rug

Mornings might not be so bad if the first thing your toes touched was this luxurious, fluffy sheepskin rug. All Celtic & Co. products are by-products of the farming industry, ethically and exquisitely crafted in the UK and designed to last.

11.  Neal’s Yard Lavender Shower Gel

Lavender is a scent associated with restful sleep and a perfect way to wind down whether you’re having a luxurious bath or quick shower. We love Neal’s Yard for their commitment to recycling and their gorgeous, natural ingredients that promote wellbeing.

12.  Celtic & Co. Hot Water Bottle

It doesn’t get much cosier than this luxurious sheepskin hot water bottle cover. This beautiful natural material is not only extremely durable and super snuggly, it will keep the heat in your hot water bottle all night long.

February 08, 2019 — Georgie Crosswell