The death rattle of a charging cable is familiar to all of us - from a flickering connection to dodgy exposed wires.

USB cables may come cheap these days, but the flimsiest will last only a matter of months. Even worse, they’re full of precious metals that take a lot of energy to mine, and they shouldn’t be thrown away lightly.

Are you constantly buying new cables or breaking out the duct tape? We’ve collaborated with Syllucid - whose reinforced and sustainable phone chargers have an incredible 5-year warranty - to bring you seven top tips to make those chargers last longer.

7 tips to stop charger cables breaking - summary:

  1. Unplug by holding the connector
  2. Roll it up loosely
  3. Avoid moving your device during charging
  4. Store in a case
  5. Avoid moisture 
  6. Use cable reinforcements 
  7. Invest in quality

1. Grip the connector when unplugging

How to stop charger from breaking - Syllucid cable reinforcement

When you yank out a charger from halfway down its length, you’re putting unnecessary strain on the parts. Not only that, but forceful wiggling around also damages the charging port on your device - a common failure point on phones.

Get into the habit of grasping the connector (that’s the end that plugs in) and gently pulling it straight out. This minimises stress on both the cable and your device. Easy.

2. Roll up your cable - loosely

How to make charger cables last longer - Syllucid cable rolled up and secured

When you’re storing your cable, don’t bundle it up in a big tangle - knots are bad news - but don’t roll it up too tightly either. Instead of winding the cable around your hand, hold one end and create loose circular coils.

Tucking each end into the coil (or fixing it in place with a snap fastener, like this Syllucid one above) will keep it in place. This simple practice helps avoid kinks and reduces strain on the cable's internal wires.

3. Avoid moving your device when it’s plugged in

It’s often necessary to use your phone or laptop whilst it’s plugged in. However, moving your device around too much will strain both the cable and the port. When you’re using a plugged-in device, try to keep it stationary.

For instance, if you get a call whilst your phone is charging, it’s a good idea to unplug it before you answer the call (if you have enough charge). This will reduce unnecessary movement - and strain - between the connector and the port. 

4. Store in a protective case

How to stop charger cables from breaking - protective case

Do you just throw your charger into your backpack when you’re on the move? Using a protective case to store your chargers is a great way to protect them from tangles, dirt, moisture and other damage.

Even at home, storing unused chargers in cases helps keep them organised, untangled and protected from dust. Even an improvised case like a cloth pouch or sock will keep your cables in top condition for longer.

5. Avoid moisture exposure

Water damage can lead to the early death of your charger. Make sure you keep them away from liquids or prolonged humidity - this may corrode the connectors or the cable's internal components.

When you’re on the hoof, a protective case is a great way to keep cables safe from spillages or rain. At home, make sure you’re not charging in damp, humid environments - and keep cables away from that coffee!

6. Use cable reinforcements early

Fixits repair sticks fixing a broken phone charger

To strengthen your cables, you can use products such as
cable sleeves, bend protectors, simple duct tape or Fixit sticks (our favourite)These provide extra protection from repeated bending and friction, even if the cable already has some built-in reinforcement.

It’s always best to reinforce your cable as early as possible, with the idea of extending its lifespan. If you wait until you can see exposed wires, it may be beyond saving.

7. Invest in high-quality cables

How to make chargers last longer - Syllucid 5-year cable

Even if you take all these precautions, poor-quality cables won’t last long. The best thing you can do is invest in a better cable in the first place. Combine a durable charger cable with the above tricks, and it can last far longer than you’d expect.

We’ve spent years looking for long-lived charger cables, and Syllucid’s are the best we’ve ever found. With an industry-leading 5-year guarantee, they’re reinforced inside and out. Plus, they’re made using responsibly sourced materials.

Ready to step away from throwaway charging cables? Browse the Syllucid range of durable, ethical cables here.
February 12, 2024 — Jasmine Vorley