At Buy Me Once, we're on a mission to discover and share products that are not just built to last but are also a step forward in sustainable living.

The Suri toothbrush was already a favourite among the Buy Me Once team (you can read Jasmine's review here), but this time our CEO, Tara Button, decided to put it to the test herself. This is Tara unboxing the Suri toothbrush… so what did she make of it?

What Were Tara's First Impressions of the Suri Toothbrush?

  • Sustainable Packaging: Right off the bat, Tara was thrilled with the recyclable packaging and the B Corp certification of Suri, which shows their commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices.
  • A Sleek Design That Catches the Eye: The toothbrush itself, with its sleek design and easy assembly (just a click!), made a great first impression. Tara could already picture it brightening up her bathroom.

 What Makes the Suri Toothbrush Stand Out?

  • Long Battery Life: Tara was eager to ditch her old toothbrush for Suri's promise of a 40-day charge. Her father's rave reviews about its battery life only added to the anticipation.
  • Repairability for Sustainability: Unlike most electric toothbrushes, Suri is designed to be repairable, including battery replacement, aligning perfectly with our Buy Me Once principles.
  • Quiet yet Effective Cleaning: With a comparison to her old Oral-B, Tara noted Suri's quieter operation but equally commendable cleaning performance, marked by a tingling, refreshing sensation.
  • A Travel Case That Does More: Not just for protection, the travel case also charges the toothbrush and uses ultraviolet light to kill germs.
  • Eco-Friendly Brush Head Recycling: Suri encourages users to send back used brush heads for recycling, a feature Tara found particularly thoughtful.

Tara's Verdict: Is Suri a Buy Me Once Product?

Absolutely! Tara concluded that the Suri toothbrush lived up to Buy Me Once's high standards, from its design to its business model. It's not just about the toothbrush; it's about promoting a lifestyle that values sustainability, quality, and thoughtful consumption.

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February 23, 2024 — Georgie Crosswell
Tags: review suri