As the world moved indoors this year, there’s no doubt our hobbies and interests followed suit. In 2020 we observed more of you than ever taking an interest in long-lasting items for your kitchen and home. 

This year we’ve been showcasing the research process that drives our product selection, so that you know you’re making an informed choice. Many of the products we’ve gotten really excited about have been alternatives to common throwaway items. We want to empower our audience to choose products that last, instead of falling into the trap of buying ones that fail on us. 

So without further ado, here are our five most read pieces of research of 2020.


How to season your cast iron skillet

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know how much our team loves Solidteknics (and our customers too). Almost everyone in our team uses these innovative seamless iron pans, so we’re very familiar with what goes into looking after them. We wanted to share our top tips with you - and it’s no surprise that this guide was our #1 article of the year. 

The ultimate durable coffee cup

When we wrote this piece back in February, we made the observation that it was becoming more commonplace to have a reusable coffee cup rather than a disposable one. Of course, commuter coffee hasn’t stayed such a relevant topic as the year has gone on. That said, when we do get back to frequenting our local coffee shops next year, we think that a quality reusable cup will become the norm again. 

The most durable jeans brand in the world

This enduringly popular piece is a few years old now, going back to when we unearthed Blackhorse Lane Ateliers’ raw denim as the perfect pair of jeans. When it comes to a product that fails often, jeans can be a frustrating investment where the price tag isn’t always indicative of quality. 

The last socks you'll ever need. Really.

This research piece reveals how Darn Tough make socks that can actually carry a lifetime guarantee. It’s another product that the Buy Me Once team obsesses over, because we can hardly believe how good these merino wool socks are. We also love that for a product that you only need to buy once, they’re also affordable. 

How do make a buy-for-life toaster?

Before we launched our outstanding buy-for-life toasters in July, toasters were one of the most requested items on Buy Me Once. Toasters by nature are prone to breaking. This research piece explains why, and reveals how Dualit have designed a toaster that has been built to last.

If you aren’t aware of how we select our products, you can get a thorough rundown by reading about our Research Process


December 23, 2020 — Ben Manassah