The earphones market is a difficult one to navigate. With big name tech giants battling for the attention of consumers, it can be hard to know what to prioritise, and how much to spend. Investing more rarely results in earphones that last a long time, so many of us settle for getting the same cheap pair over and over. We knew someone out there could do better. 

Enter Glaswegian audio company RHA. Proving that Bluetooth doesn’t have to come at the expense of reliability, RHA offer high-quality wireless earbuds that come complete with a 3 year warranty. Cutting through the gimmicks and frills, their TrueConnect 2 Earbuds provide top-quality sound, a hardwearing build and outstanding battery life.

Even so, we’re aware it’s not your usual Buy Me Once product. Let’s delve into what makes these wireless earbuds so reliable. 

Scottish audiophiles

Let’s start by talking a little bit about RHA. They’ve been on our radar for a while, but it’s likely you’ve never heard of them. Since 2011, this small Glasgow-based team has been quietly making a name for themselves developing really, really good audio tech - specifically earphones. And despite being a small company, RHA are by no means lagging behind the big guns when it comes to their level of technology.

The reason RHA earphones have always been a Buy Me Once favourite is their dedication to build quality and customer service. Whilst other companies rely on flashy new releases and superfluous features, RHA strive towards reliability. They’ve always given their products a 3 year warranty - and their warranty actually covers a lot.


RHA TrueConnect 2 Earbuds
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Why Bluetooth?

All that being said, you might still be wondering what a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds are doing on a site like ours. We acknowledge that they can’t and won’t last forever.

The fact is, everyone needs earphones, and for many, the freedom and functionality of wirelessness is a non-negotiable feature. We want to offer an alternative to repeat-buying wireless earphones that fail after 12 months - often at a higher price tag.

What’s more, Bluetooth as a technology is here to stay. With Apple constantly changing the goalposts of their iPhone ports, a traditional 3.5mm jack or a Lightning connector might soon be useless for you. As well as a hands-free experience, Bluetooth offers cross-device functionality that’s relatively futureproofed.

 RHA TrueConnect 2 Bluetooth Earbuds

Hands-free, tangle-free.

The TrueConnect 2 Earbuds

RHA’s TrueConnect 2 Earbuds manage to combine reliable durability with ‘true wireless’ (meaning independent wireless earbuds not connected by a wire). With impressive specifications, including a 44-hour battery life, these Bluetooth earphones come complete with touch controls and dual microphones.

With a sleek, low-profile look, it’s an elegant and understated design, in a matte black finish that’s reflected in the portable charging case. The design of this aluminium case is particularly smart, with metallic accents and a unique lid opening. It's also relatively large, to accommodate a sizable battery - but it certainly looks like it could take a beating. 

RHA TrueConnect 2 Bluetooth Earbuds

Holds up to rain, dust and sweat.

Designed to last

RHA are known for prioritising build quality with their products, and the TrueConnect 2 don’t disappoint. Impressively, RHA went through the rigours of getting these earbuds an IP55 rating - no mean feat for a device like this. This means they’re protected from rain, dust and sweat, so you could feasibly go endurance running in a monsoon without worrying (if that’s your thing).

These earbuds’ hardwearing, water-resistant build, combined with a 3 year warranty, gives us confidence that they’re built to last. And on RHA’s warranty - it’s not one of those gimmicky guarantees that’s pretty much void as soon as you use the product. As long as you purchase your earphones from a certified retailer (e.g. us) and haven’t drastically misused them, they’ll replace faulty devices for free.

In their own words, ‘although we do have limitations to our warranty cover, we try to be as reasonable as possible to ensure you get at least 3 years’ use out of your headphones’. That’s the kind of attitude to longevity we like.


RHA TrueConnect 2 Earbuds

Small earbud, big sound.

Outstanding sound

If you’re going to invest in some earphones that will last, it goes without saying that you’ll want them to sound great. And with a warm, perfectly balanced sound representation with weighty (but not overbearing) bass, the TrueConnect 2 Earbuds sound truly excellent, bringing the best out of music and speech. Instead of the hissy, muddy sound quality you get from subpar earphones, RHA’s 6mm dynamic drivers offer detailed clarity.

Whilst the TrueConnect 2 don’t have active noise cancellation, their passive isolation performance is stellar, managing to block out a great deal of background noise just by putting them in. To achieve this, it should be said that you have to create a good ‘seal’ inside your ear, so it’s worth trying out the different sizes of silicone tips that come with the earphones.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re after active noise cancellation, you’ll have to spend a fair bit more - and battery life will take a hit. Which, incidentally, is another area where these earbuds shine.

What could you do in 44 hours?

RHA love to show off about the battery life of these wireless earphones, and with good reason. Each charge of the TrueConnect 2 lasts 9 hours, and that slick little case holds another 35 hours. The case has fast charging, so when you pop your earphones inside they can regain an hour of charge in just ten minutes.

44 hours is a truly exceptional amount of playback time. In that time, you could fly all the way around the world, watch 25 movies, binge 50 podcasts or listen to 4 books. We’d like to point out that after just a few months’ use, many users of Apple AirPods reported their set lasting just 45 minutes with a full charge. Food for thought.


RHA TrueConnect 2 Bluetooth Earbuds

Low-profile, packing a punch.


Compared to some of the beefed-up true wireless earbuds available on the market, the TrueConnect 2 might look rather slim on features. But in order to optimise battery life and price, RHA have streamlined this device to provide a no-frills user experience. Prioritising a high-quality build and outstanding sound that lasts for hours upon hours, it’s a fuss-free offering that can be relied upon.

Some features RHA haven't skimped on:

  • An extra-strong Bluetooth connection that won’t stutter when you leave your phone in the next room
  • Sophisticated touch controls for play/pause, track select, voice assistant and pairing
  • Dual microphones in each earbud eliminate unwanted external noise
  • Can link to Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Single bud mode lets you use one earbud independently

Care for your earbuds

We’re all for putting time and care into maintaining the things in your life. Looking after your earbuds both helps them last longer and improves your listening experience. Here’s a few top tips to helping them go the distance.

  1. Not using your earbuds? PUT THEM IN THE CASE.

Taking five seconds to store your earbuds properly every time will keep them charged, keep them safe from harm and make them much easier to lose. Having to wrestle a cat for an earbud is a much more common problem than you might think. And it’s not included in the warranty.

  1. How to clean the silicone tips

The rubbery silicone tips that pop on and off your earbuds can get gummed up – and this affects the fit, sound quality and noise isolation of the earphone. Cleaning your tips can be a great way to quickly upgrade the quality of your listening. Remove the tips first, and dab them with a warm cloth or alcohol wipe to remove any gunk.

  1. How to clean the filters

The fine metal grille that covers the earphone’s speaker can eventually become blocked with grime. That’s what it’s there for. If this happens, gently dab the grille with an alcohol wipe. Or, very gently dab with a cotton bud that is slightly damp with warm water. If it’s time to swap them out for new filters, RHA’s customer service team can walk you through the process.

RHA TrueConnect 2 Bluetooth Earbuds

Safe and sound (and charging).

The verdict

Putting our name behind electronic devices isn’t a decision we take lightly, but we feel confident that these wireless earphones will go the distance. We take pleasure in discovering quality alternatives to the big brands who dominate the marketplace. The TrueConnect 2 are a perfect example of a long-lasting product that not only offers outstanding long-term value, but an excellent user experience too.

Not one to blow their budget on big marketing campaigns, RHA let their products speak for themselves. In their words, “buy an RHA product and you join a community of thousands, not a market of millions.” 

Check out RHA’s TrueConnect 2 Earbuds in our store. 

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December 08, 2020 — Jasmine Vorley