Here at Buy Me Once, we champion things that last a really long time. That’s our approach to sustainable consumption. If a product is made of recycled materials, but isn’t durable at all, we’ll pick the longer-lasting version every time. That’s why we get very excited when we find something that’s both responsibly made and extremely tough.

So you can imagine our giddiness when we found GROUNDTRUTH: makers of contemporary bags with a zero-compromise approach towards both planet and performance. By developing their own super-strong recycled materials, GROUNDTRUTH have established themselves as true pioneers. Employing clever and considered designs, these sustainable bags have been tested in some seriously extreme environments. And of course, we’re big fans of the 10 year warranty.

From cutting-edge materials to a wide-open supply chain, we want to highlight all the ways in which this exciting new brand is doing things differently.


GROUNDTRUTH Technical Tote

From mountain to boardroom

GROUNDTRUTH’s founders - who happen to be three sisters - are seasoned travellers. They wanted to create a bag that could perform under all conditions, whether that was in an office or a rainforest. Sophia and Georgia Scott are documentary filmmakers, who are no strangers to challenging environments, whilst Nina Scott’s background, unsurprisingly, is in product and textiles development. You can hear much more from Georgia in this interview from our 'meet the maker' series.

GROUNDTRUTH 24L Sustainable Backpack

The three sisters knew that the true test of GROUNDTRUTH’s recycled backpacks would be out in the field - so they joined British explorer Robert Swan to take their prototypes on expeditions to both the North and South Poles. Their backpacks survived raft excursions, saltwater, freezing blizzards and penguin poo!

Testing their bags in the field helped the sisters to refine their designs for ultimate practicality and comfort. Each bag is rugged and practical, yet sleek in appearance. Responding to real-world travel experience, a GROUNDTRUTH bag can transition from the city into the wilderness seamlessly. 

GROUNDTRUTH Sustainable Technical Tote

Recycled from top to bottom

When we say GROUNDTRUTH aren’t making any compromises, we really mean that. These bags are made of 100% recycled material, all the way down to the stormproof zips. Forming the shell of each bag is their bespoke ‘tristop’ textile, that GROUNDTRUTH developed themselves over the course of 18 months.  

GROUNDTRUTH Tristop Recycled PET Fabric

In a triangular ripstop weave, this three-layered fabric is water-resistant, strong and exceedingly hardy. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles (PET), sourced from a recycling plant in Jakarta, Indonesia, 20 minutes’ drive from where the backpacks are manufactured.

Every component of a GROUNDTRUTH bag has been carefully considered, with the individual recycled materials chosen for their high quality and technical performance. Water-repellent, stain-resistant, rip-proof, tactile and breathable, these sustainable materials ensure that each product is as comfortable and smart as it is resilient.


The versatility of these bags goes further than the conditions they can withstand. Full of clever features and modular systems, they’re designed to make maximum use of space

GROUNDTRUTH Sustainable Technical Tote

For example, the Technical Tote has semi detachable shoulder straps that can be hidden in the back pocket, so it can go from shoulder bag to backpack in a doddle. It has a padded laptop compartment, and a zipped pocket that can turn into a trolley sleeve. These design features are there when you need them, and go undercover when you don’t.

GROUNDTRUTH Sustainable Technical Camera Bag

Our GROUNDTRUTH range contains all sorts of clever accessories, many of which make use of material offcuts that would otherwise go to waste. All made from 100% recycled materials, they combine perfectly together to house any and all of your valuables. From a Travel Wallet full of nifty pockets, to a highly padded Camera Bag, to a durable Shopping Tote, every item is practical and built to last.

GROUNDTRUTH’s ultimate piece, the Technical Backpack, was the winner of the Dezeen Awards public vote. With a generous 24L capacity, this sustainable backpack directly removes 120 bottles from the environment. It has an innovative, convenient side opening (above), so it’s easy to access the interior on the go. This opening is also perfectly sized for the Technical Camera Bag.

True transparency

When it comes to doing business right, GROUNDTRUTH are nothing if not thorough - and they have no secrets. In their words, “the people who make our bags are as important as the people who buy them”. Their family-run manufacturer in Jakarta is exemplary in their approach, championing worker wellbeing as well as sustainability. 

What’s more, GROUNDTRUTH offset their entire carbon footprint, from business travel to production to material manufacturing. They do this via a partnership with Wildlife Works, whose project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is protecting over 740,000 acres of the world’s second-largest rainforest. 


So - not only are these bags made of waste, they look sharp and are fit for polar expeditions. They’re covered by a 10 year guarantee, but designed to last for life. We believe GROUNDTRUTH represent genuinely progressive product design, done right.⁠ 

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November 24, 2020 — Jasmine Vorley